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  1. Sorry for the late reply. I had a AP-450 which had various other problems, including the buzzing resonance from the B2/B3 keys. In fact, during the last week, I've noticed crackles from the speakers, and sometimes, even that the whole speakers dont work for a while, and I have to wait for a while and then play them. The resonance is extremely irritating to me, especially since playing soft passages becomes all muddy, and the pedal only makes it even worse. I am planning to get it serviced, but reading your question, I wonder if I can replicate the problem anywhere other than my house, which is a major problem. Also, do your Bb2 and Bb3 have it as well? Mine has problems with those as well. And also, if I press the Bb3 and B3 together, it sounds like a helicopter has landed near my house. Let me just see if i can get it in a recording. Are you the same Rahul Rege who subscribed to my Youtube Channel? If so, shoot me a personal message with your email, and we can discuss further if you want.
  2. I do have the exact same problem. I think it is a problem of the whole cabinet and resonance created by the whole thing. I think the room acoustics have a significant part to play, as most other pianos I've played of the same model don't have the problem. Along with that, if it is the room acoustics, then you can't exactly find much of a solution, as the service centre will not be able to pick it up, because their room acoustics are different. I actually had an old one, which I used for a month or two, and it was defective, so we got a new one. Both of those models have the same problem. So high chances are, room acoustics. The demo model I played doesn't have the problem, nor do the models without a wood cabinet. So I do think, the whole cabinet has a significant part to play, but make sure there are other replies who say so a s well.
  3. Thank you for your replies! Well, you're absolutely right about what you said, Joe, so thanks !
  4. Thank you for the reply ! May I go ahead with recording the songs and posting them on Youtube ? Just for confirmation!
  5. Hello, I own a Casio AP-460. I was wondering if I am allowed to record me playing along with th Concert Play feature and post it to YouTube? I'd like to know if the specific music version is copyrighted or restricted to listening? Please do let me know as I'm planning on uploading all the concert play songs when I get time!
  6. Thank you so much for watching:P. I did make a lot of mistakes, since i recorded those in a hurry . If you like music, then all suggestions to improve myselft are welcome.
  7. Hello everybody, after a long time I'm back to this wonderful forum. Well, I've recorded some music just for fun. Nothing too fancy, just some music, with some mistakes as well. I would be thrilled if you could just watch some of the music ive played and comment on it. All suggestions welcome! Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw0joFt399ehVkR0cUbdr1Q Please do comment, and I will also be uploading some of Scott Joplins pieces as well.