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  1. Moves Like Jagger

    Requested on FB, a simple split of bass synth in LH (attack edited to mimic the "delayed" feeling in the original) and a strings/pad in the RH for adding some depth to the choruses. No whistle. (I do that the old-fashioned way!) MovesLikeJgr.ZPF
  2. Sonic problem using LFO on piano preset

    Thanks, Choppin. (Nice handle, btw.) I will give those settings a try. Funny, I have the same FilterAmpRate on the LFO = -41. It was the "goldilocks" setting for that song. Very sensitive. I have two other splits for the SS: brass in the LH bottom two octaves for chorus fills and phaser EP in RH top two octave for (what I call) the bridge parts. I originally had straight piano, but the band heard the phaser piano during one of my "on the fly trying to fix this" moments and it stuck. If your settings work out, I'll post the SS.
  3. Kind of a minor problem, but annoying. I am creating an SS for JT's new song, "Can't Stop the Feeling." For the main piano riff, I used once of the presets (Grand Modern, I think), and added a "Saw Up" LFO to get that surging effect. Works great with the right tweaks and when the notes are held. However, when the notes are played staccato, there is a loud piano attack from the note. I've fiddled with settings in the amplitude envelope to no avail. Same non-result when messing with the Vel Sens. Turning up the Tone Vel Low to around 50 seems to help a tiny bit. Again, it's not a huge problem and it can be "played around," but would love to get rid of it. Thoughts?
  4. Car Wash (requested on FB)

    OK. Finally getting around to sharing some of my SSes. The attached is Car Wash, which I mentioned (too long ago) on FB that I would upload to the Forum. There are various splits and features on this that I hope I cover: Engaging Phrase will allow Pedal 2 to control on/off for hand-claps. They are programmed at the top end of the KB if you prefer the manual approach. Bottom end of KB is straight piano for the low-end roll that occurs throughout the original song. RH has a Hex Layer "orchestra" for the main orchestral hooks in the song. I use the upper octave of the hex layer to play string-y lead with some flute in it. Bottom octave of the hex layer has horns for fills, including bridge. Between orchestra and piano, there's an EP Zone I use to play some chords to fill out the verses. Sorry if any of this is not clear. Hopefully playing around with the SS helps understanding. Any feedback is welcome! CarWash.ZPF
  5. Shut Up And Dance Lead

    Long time PX-5S user, first time uploading. Please let me know if the attached works for you. I'm not in front of my PX, so I can't recall if the attached uses any special Tones I created. From what I understand, though, those should embed with the SS? Anyway, feedback on how this goes would be very welcome. Note that holding down Pedal 1 engages the portamento for the lead. I wanted it on for the main solo, but off for arps and other fills, such as the end-of-solo and end-of-song scale. Pitch bend also set to the appropriate interval for "that one note." ShutUp&Dance.ZPF
  6. ShutUpDance2

    I think Hex User 74 "Simple Pad" provides a good starting point for Can't Feel My Face intro.