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  1. Miserable Mary

    I am teaching myself to read music from a book (Classic Piano Course by Carol Barratt) and I practice each piece for up to a week till I get it down pat. This is a slow piece called Miserable Mary. Celviano AP450, recorded with my phone. Miserable Mary
  2. Depressed piano keys

    Did you manage to fix this?
  3. https://youtu.be/wBKngPYMhZU
  4. I heard it was a Steinway concert grand. Or maybe its a Bechstein as they feature in the new top end range, a direct collaboration with C. Bechstein
  5. I had wanted to try playing this song and after watching a youtube video I got it. This is just the opening section but I intend working towards the whole song and will practice it section by section. Played on my AP450, Concert Grand, full pedal throughout. Someone Like You
  6. Little piano piece

    Just a little practice piece I came up with and called Um pa pa... Recorded with my phone and sent to YouTube https://youtu.be/WQCPq3Uo0X8
  7. RIP Erroll Brown

  8. RIP Erroll Brown

    I always struggle when recording. Red light syndrome...
  9. RIP Erroll Brown

    Rest in Peace Erroll Brown, lead singer with Hot Chocolate. I've always loved this slow ballad of theirs. https://youtu.be/n-EaMHZ6wHU
  10. USB stick query

    Oh well it seems I was right!
  11. Moodshadow (video)

    Thanks David
  12. This was my first electronic keyboard, bought used in the 90s (it was originally out around 1986) Pretty basic compared to what we have now and it weighed a ton! But it was pretty cool. Apparently this gold colour was rare, but it whats mine was like.
  13. Moodshadow (video)

    Thanks. Here is the original Moodshadow original http://soundcloud.com/cameraman59/moodshadow-yamaha-psr225
  14. in need of serious help CDP130

    Interesting that Casio's first digital piano was a CDP model, back in 1988!
  15. Moodshadow (video)

    This is a piano piece of a composition I created in 1999 on a Yamaha keyboard. The original is kind of synthy ambient type of stuff. So I decided to do a piano version on my Casio.