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  1. Wav file volume control

    Hello. How do you assign volume control for a wav file? Thanks
  2. Piano+Strings+Pad

    This Piano by itself sounds really good. Did you modify it at all?
  3. Privia GRAND Piano

    I like this.... How did it sound in a live mix with band?
  4. Too Much Time on My Hands

    Do you know if this can be programmed into the PX-5s?
  5. Wav File

    Hello I'd like to play the recorded intro to the Styx song "Too Much Time On My Hands" Is there a way to trigger a wav file to play the recorded sample? Thanks Mark
  6. "Song Ready / Stage Settings"

    Hello, I would like to get the lead patch for "Moves Like Jagger" Thank you!
  7. Shut Up And Dance Lead

    Thanks, I will try this
  8. Shut Up And Dance Lead

    Does anyone have the synth sound for the keyboard in shut up and dance?