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  1. firmware for PX560?

    is it possible for PX560 to have a firmware update like PX-5S?
  2. PX-560 does it have a Sequencer or not?

    agree with DamianMerlorUK..I prefer PX-560 to PX-5S..the touch screen makes the navigation through all menus much easier than PX-5S..the units has already been sold out by our sales team before even arrived in my country :s so i dont have a chance to try it yet, but i think it is pretty similar to px-360 except for several things
  3. i don't know whether this reply is already too late or not in Indonesia, there's this writing on GP-300's box that says the weight is about 103kg. just sharing my experience, it took 4 persons to carry the box and assembly this thing. mind that the GP speakers are at the bottom of the unit, and since the unit itself is the heaviest, dont put it with the speakers facing down..it probably can damage the speakers. i think i would've given up if only given 2 persons carrying it to the 2nd floor..make sure u have 2 very strong ones to minimize the risk
  4. wow..thx for the reply..it was really helpful
  5. XW-G1 freeze for a moment

    ic..i'll keep that in mind will post the update whether or not the problem still occur. thanx for the quick response
  6. i made a live recording using audio record function on CTK-7200 keyboard with acoustic guitar plugged in to "inst in" jack and sdcard inserted into the slot (the card has already formatted using the keyboard). but when i looked for the recorded file in the computer, i couldnt find any. it was as empty as an unused sdcard (it WAS a new card before i made the live record). but when i checked the card's free space, it was already used and only had about 50% free space. i tried using another ctk 7200 to play the audio recording file, and it worked. the file was readable. it's as if the file can only be opened with ctk-7200 keyboards and cannot be editted, copied, moved etc to other devices. is this normal or did i do it wrong? any suggestions about how to find the file(maybe with some apps)? because if the file can only be opened with ctk-7200 keyboards, then there's no use for live recording feature
  7. Hi..this is my 1st topic, i hope i'm in the right room. the thing is..i've been exploring xw-g1 for around 5 days now, and yesterday something happened. i did some step sequencing and tone editing, and when i set them in perform and run the music, played the keys,then the keyboard suddenly freezed for a moment. i thought there was something wrong with the electricity but then it worked again normally. it happened twice yesterday, but it had never happened on the previous days and hasn't happened yet today. i'm not sure but I think the ipad was attached to it with the midi designer app running at that time, because that was around the time when i started using midi designer as a controller. can anyone confirm the same problem or is it just the flaw of my g1 keyboard? i think if someone wants use this keyboard for live performance, this kind of problem should not occur