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  1. I mostly answered my question myself. There is a bazillion apps that will display scores/notes , etc using the MIDI standard..so I will just use an external monitor I guess. Stil would like to see it built in though? Whats the resolution on the screen? Maybe it's not good enough?
  2. Ok. How long is the speaker cable? If I wanted put the keybd on a table and set the stand speakers on a shelf, what kind of distance can I get it from the Piano? Since it's a custom cable , it would be hard to extend unless it is not hardwired into the speakers, but I think it is. Ill go back to the store to check out the sound. Also, I guess you can't record your self singing to a track, since it doesn't have the 1/4" input jack like the 360, correct?
  3. Have you heard it with built in spkrs only ? What's your take on the sound? I don't expect great sound, but just decent enough for practicing..
  4. On all the new units with the touch screen I assumed they would have some sort of music tab display functionality (given that it is color and that Yamaha has it). I have not been able to find this functionality. Could I hook up a computer via USB and put a small screen there that will show the notes as played and show music scores for songs being played back? This would assist my kids. Does anyone know of good / low cost software for this? Any help appreciated.
  5. I just picked up a CGP700 because of weighted keys and touch screen. However in the store, we unplugged the external speakers to see how the top sounded, and it was very tinny and bad. However, when I got home I read in the manual, that you have to set external speaker setting to OFF. Has anyone unpluged their "in-stand" speakers and tried the top speakers only. Are they still really bad with the correct external speaker setting? I could still get a PX 360 instead which has better "top" built in speakers, is the reason for the question.