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  1. XW-P1...left in the corner?

    Hi and welcome Lucabbrasi, I would also like to see a new sound pack released. As for new firmware to 'fix' the limitations you mentioned, I don't think that will happen. They are limitations of the hardware. Don't forget the price of this synth and what it can do. Maybe Casio will surprise us...
  2. OLD Casio, Different *Use*

    Sounds good... So which is it?!?!?!?
  3. New sounds!

    Hi Radon_22 (Hypnotuba). I'm EDcase who commented on your track. I'm going to try out your sounds now... Cheers, ED
  4. Sustain pedal

    If you don't want to hack your pedal, you could make an extension cable with a female and male plug and just cross the wires between the two. So you just use the extension when you want the output reversed. (The extension cable can be very short of course)
  5. Sustain pedal

    Ah well then the XW is different from the CTK then. The CTK definitely needs the Casio SP-20 pedal because I tried one with a polarity switch and it didn't work.
  6. Assign external Audio In to zone?

    Ah, glad its sorted
  7. The NAMM Show 2013

    It does have 2 pedal inputs so doesn't that mean that one can be expression?
  8. Sustain pedal

    Unfortunately I went throught a similar confusion when I first got a pedal for a Casio. (Was a CTK-7000 but its the same with the XW-P1) Is seems that (naughty) Casio have used a proprietary pedal system so you have to get one of their pedals (SP-20) No other pedal will work even if it has a polarity switch ...Unless I missed something...
  9. The NAMM Show 2013

    I guess they didn't think that was so important to list... (its usually the cheaper keyboards that have, "#### patterns" listed in the specs) Its early days, more details will emerge soon...
  10. XW-P1 software update failed

    Uh oh, as far as I know that means a return to Casio. There was a known issue with the original Mac update file but that was fixed in the latest download so it must have been something else which caused it. Sorry can't help any more but perhaps Mike or Jared have a secret reset tip...
  11. ...or wait for the VR3000 D-B (Direct to Brain) interface. ...and if you drop it then it could be worth $0 Yeah, that is a tough decision. I guess no friends have one you could try? What about a local music shop to see a demo? It all comes down to how much benefit it will give you over your current setup. (I totally agree that it would be great to try first)
  12. The NAMM Show 2013

    Mike does mention 'patterns' at 6:00 when I think he actvates one. I'd be very surprised if they don't have any.
  13. Firmware Update

    Anyone at Casio know if a new firmware is being worked on? Not expecting anything, just curious. EDIT: One thing I would like to add (which may be possible with firmware): When editing a numeric parameter it would be great if the Bank number keys worked for direct digit input. It works like that when chosing a tone in a Hex layer but not with other numeric entries.
  14. Its not a very hard decision as its the ONLY option The hard part is deciding if its worth forking out that much money for it...
  15. The NAMM Show 2013

    Mike is up...