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  1. I have a CGP-700 now for a couple of years and I'm in the market for an upgrade. What's Important: 88 hammer style piano keys Everything the CGP-700 has. Ability to modify built in rhythms to create my own versions. Ability to load new rhythms. MIC input
  2. Scott, thanks for the reply. Am I on the right track with Discovery 1 to Discovery 4? We did find several Rhythms in 3/4 the problem was they were not appropriate for the mix we were doing. The Accompaniment just didn't mesh well. What we really wanted to do was to use Rhythm > Various > Symphony in 3/4. Would you happen to know if there is a piece of software I can put on my computer and connect to the CDP-700 via USB and then do everything on the computer rather than use the built in MIDI Recorder and Mixer? I see your one of the Administrators, You folks should be proud of yourselves for helping struggling rookies like myself.
  3. Yes, I'm a rookie but I'm trying. Please help restore my sanity. The forum has helped me tremendously and I need to know if I've put things in the correct perspective. Question / Discovery 1 System Track, which if you just start the MIDI recorder is the track that gets recorded to can't be exported from the CGP-700. Question / Discovery 2 Solo Track 1 to 16, only record 'Upper 1' tone / voice. Question / Discovery 3 If I want to make a recording with piano, flute, and drums AND be able to export it as MIDI you must record each instrument on a separate track because if you try to layer it using multiple tones / voices by doing things like Split and using Upper1 / Upper2 / Lower1 / Lower2 etc. the MIDI recorder is only going to record the tone associated with Upper1. Question / Discovery 4 The System track is the only track that will record everything you've set in the CGP-700. Meaning I can have a Split and use Upper1 / Upper2 / Lower1 / Lower2, Accompaniment, etc and it will all be recorded on the System track. Final Question / Yet to be Discovered Is there any way to modify the timing of a Rhythm, change a 4/4 to a 3/4? So if someone asked my advice the best thing to do is on the first take set up the majority of functionality (i.e tones, accompaniment, etc.) and record onto System track. Then use Solo Tracks 1 to 16 to add other tones. Use the mixer to make adjustments if necessary using "Port C step on the pedal method" (Found in another post on the forum). Then start the Audio Recorder and play the MIDI so it gets transformed and recorded by the Audio Recorder. End result is you have the final production of what you wanted to create but only in audio file format not MIDI. Thanks for your patience and dedication to helping us rookies.
  4. CGP-700 Recording

    Thanks! I think I know a DJ guy that may have a mic to lend me and I'll go down to the music store and buy an adapter. Thanks a million! Hmm, maybe you know of a decent mic that is not too expensive that I could buy? The folks on this forum are great. I'm really a rookie to all this but with forum help my piano teacher thinks I'm a recording engineer. She's real 'old school' and I had a problem negotiating lessons with her initially because I didn't have an acoustical piano. She's loving my Casio now that I know how to make multi track recordings and turn out CD's.
  5. CGP-700 Recording

    Thanks for the advice. I kind of knew I hit a brick wall. I'm going to use the built in MIDI Mixer to lay down the music and then move to my computer. I'm a Linux Mint User and installed Ardour and will have the singer wear headphones and record into the computer. Just need to find a decent mic with a 3.5mm connection to use with my computer.
  6. CGP-700 Recording

    I'm helping my piano teacher make some recordings on my CGP-700. With the help of some postings here I've figured out how to do multi-track MIDI recordings and edit them with the mixer. So she was very happy with the first CD I created for her. Now she has thrown me for a loop. She wants to record voice on some songs. It appears that the audio in jack is only good for playback to the built in speakers or headphones and there is no way to get it into the MIDI Recorder.. Am I correct on this? Is there any way to connect a microphone and get in on another track?
  7. As a teenager, in the 60's, I was the organ player in the local basement band. Now many years later I want to get back into playing the keyboard and do it in a more conventional manner with piano lessons so I purchased a CGP-700. My lessons are going well (it was way easier when I was young plus when I took basic organ lessons back then the only thing I ever did with my left hand was play chords). My question is about all the tones in the keyboard. I've played around with them but there are so many I just get confused. Are there settings for these tones: Hammond B3 Organ with the Leslie Amp Farfisa Organ Baldwin Upright Piano Any advice will be deeply appreciated.