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  1. GP-300 saving parameters

    Hi, I noticed that the tempo is saved with the inside last song played parameters ! Feature request : the menu is only in English. Do you plan to translate it in other languages ? For example, the "Auto resume" function do not mean that the parameters are saved. The french translation is actually "reprise automatique". A better translation would be "Sauvegarde paramètres". Thank you.
  2. GP-300 saving parameters

    Thank you for the answer. It works for the metronome volume, but not for the beat.
  3. Hi, I have just purchased the splendid GP-300. I have a little problem : I can't save certain parameters for example for the metronome. The default volume for the metronome is 100. 75 is enough. If I change the volume from 100 to 75 with the settings menu, the new value is OK only for the "current session". If I turn off and turn on the piano later, the volume returns to 100 ! How can I set the default volume to 75 ? I have the same problem with the default beat. It is 110 and I'd like 60. Thank you.