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  1. PX-5S Power Off/Power Saver?

    @BradMZ - thank you again! - Changing the setting worked perfectly. And, yes, it's in System Settings > General.
  2. PX-5S Power Off/Power Saver?

    Many thanks, BradMZ - that was exactly what I needed. Knowing the feature name, I found it in the manual PDF - no activity for 4 hours shuts down the keyboard to save power.
  3. Hi Everyone, Been searching the docs, this forum, and the 'net. Behavior: PX-5S, Firmware 1.13 - If I power up the keyboard using the power adapter, and no batteries in the compartment, it eventually (after hours) seems to power itself off (screen dark) but will power up normally by simply pressing the power button. Background: Performed an outdoor show last weekend it was humid, and between sound check and the show, there was some drizzle, but the PX-5S was sheltered. Played a 90 minute show with no issue, packed up and went home, but since there was the outdoor exposure, I brought it inside, and left the (ATA) case open so that any humidity trapped inside the keyboard or case would dry out. The next day, I powered up and played for a few minutes, testing the keys, buttons, etc -- all working - so far, so good. I decided to leave it powered up, and to my surprise, after a number of hours (not sure excatly, but more than 2 or 3) the LCD is dark - and it appears that the keyboard powered itself off. I've repeated this 3 or 4 times, asked around the family, "Is anyone powering the Casio off?", and even put it in a room with low/no foot traffic (which also means a different a/c outlet.) It still powers off, eventually. Any ideas? Is this a "feature"? Memory leak? Should I expect the PX-5S to remain powered up as long as there is A/C power? Anyone curious enough to leave their PX-5S powered up on a/c overnight, as a test? I honestly just want to know if anything is wrong, or going wrong, because when I test it, it does seem to work properly. Many thanks, -Harris
  4. A#5 acting strange

    Hi Fenderbridge - really sorry you're having this problem, and I can't contribute to the "how to remove/repair a key", but as a puzzle solver, I have two questions: 1) Does this happen with no cables connected to the PX-5S (other than power)? 2) I'm wondering what the MIDI Output from the PX-5S looks like when you're hearing that "key-down/key-up double-TINK" sound? You could see the MIDI messages by connecting to a computer via USB (or via the 5-pin DIN into a MIDI interface) and running (for example on a Mac) 'MIDI Monitor' (MIDI-OX should do this on a PC). Not trying to make things more complex for you - but sometimes a bit more info helps.