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  1. AP-460 sound with headphones

    Hi. So here's the update: My wife (she played on real pianos for a number of years) thinks the volume is ok and so the sensitivity. My friend also thinks the maximum volume of each key is ok but he thinks that some keys are too sensitive -hence giving me the impression of higher volume. To be clear, this "extra" sensitivity is beyond the grading from low to highs. This is only for the default piano sound. We did not tried other tones. This is what I'm going to do: I will ask another person used to play real pianos to have a go at it. If she thinks the sensitivity if off then I will contact Casio. It may be a few days until she can come over. I will post the result then. PS: thanks for the early help. PPS: my wife gave me some pointers on how to read sheet music. Not as difficult as it looks when you don't know squat about it..
  2. AP-460 sound with headphones

    (sorry, how silly of me not understanding the question. Thank you for the clarification) I have not tried other tones (instruments). Will try tonight a comment back.
  3. AP-460 sound with headphones

    It happens gradually, although I focused only on the difference between the mid and lower notes. I'll be sure to post again after Sunday once my friend had had a good go with it.
  4. AP-460 sound with headphones

    Scott, the difference diminished with the ATH-M50x but I think is still there. Last night I went to the music store to buy the ATH-M40X and the seller suggested me to try the ATH-M50X I took the opportunity to test the accuracy of both headphones using a Yamaha YDP 181. The ATH-M50X gave the most even sound in terms of volume from high to low compared to the built-in speakers. When I tried the ATH-M50X on the AP-460 last night it was certainly better than the QC15 but I still think there is a difference in volume between the high and lows. I couldn't have my wife listen to it (busy getting my son to bed). I will do the following. I will have a friend, who plays piano, to come over the weekend and will ask him to have a listen to it and decide whether what I hear is normal or not. I will report back on Monday. Thank you very much for your suggestion. Alejandro
  5. Hi. I'm new to this forum. I have just bought a Casio AP-460 because I want to learn to play piano. Hopefully, next week I will have my first lesson (all these means I have no musical background or knowledge for that matter). Since I have no musical background, I will have to ask that you excuse my lack of knowledge and jargon. Going to the point: I assembled the AP-460 according the instructions and, to me, the built-in speakers sound fine. In particular regarding the volume, all the keys appear to sound equally (same volume, equally "loud") However, when I plugged the headphones, Bose QC15, I noted that the low note keys appear to have quite less volume than the high note keys. I reset the piano, checked the cables, changed jacks, and the result is the same? Is this something to be expected? Is it because of the Bose QC15? Will it make a difference if I use the Audio Technica ATH-M40X (buying this evening)? Your opinions and suggestions are much welcome. Thanks in advance, Alejandro