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  1. CGP 700 Sound Disappointment

    It sounds good there as its coming through external speakers (plus then the speakers on your computer). Play it at full volume yourself ,and let me know what you think. I hated it - sounded very tinny and electronic. The 640 sounds a lot better.
  2. CGP 700 Sound Disappointment

    I will be very interested in what you think of the yamaha dgx 660 piano sounds compared to the 640. To me, the 660 piano sounds are worse than anything i have ever heard.
  3. Recommend Px 560 External Speakers

    I was thinking of just getting a soundbar. But then there would be mounting issues - not sure how it could fit nicely above the keyboard
  4. I just brought the Casio PX 560. Amazing keyboard - however the onboard speakers are not quite loud enough for me. Can you recommened a monitor that would be good for me? This is only for home use so I dont need to be blasting out anything - just want it louder than what it can currently go. Thanks
  5. Hi everyone. I love the stand that comes with the cgp 700 (built in speakers), but then I also love the advanced piano sounds that comes with the px 360. What seems to be annoying is that getting a px 360 with the stand from the cgp 700 isn't possible. Casio do not offer this stand as a stand-alone purchasable accessory. The internal speakers on the px 360 just do not have enough punch for me -but i do prefer the piano sound that it produces compared to the cgp 700. Is there really no solution to this ? (Besides of course using an external speaker system with the px 360)