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  1. CGP 700 Sound Disappointment

    I played one the other day, and it sounded pretty similar to my 640. The sample at 2:26 and 2:46 don't sound half bad: I never got the hate for Yamaha's sound. It's a pleasant rich, warm tone if you ask me.
  2. CGP 700 Sound Disappointment

    So I hooked the CGP 700 to my pair of KRK RGP5G3's, and the sound still isn't that good. The piano samples are just so fake sounding to me. Upon reading reviews, there are a few people who agree with me about the speakers, so I don't think it's defective. I'm going to return it and swap for a Yamaha DGX-660. A lot of people say Yamaha's sounds are fake, but my DGX 640 sounded fine. I will miss the touch and look of the CGP 700, though.
  3. CGP 700 Sound Disappointment

    I will say that it sounds pretty good through headphones. I'm still not crazy about the piano sounds, but with some reverb they're not bad. But I also noticed that the headphones volume doesn't go very loud. I really like the feel, action, and features of the piano. Not to mention it looks good. But if I have to invest 300 bucks for better external speakers, it's not worth it. I want to keep it, but it's a no go if I can't get the speakers to work well. Is it possible that my speakers are defective?
  4. CGP 700 Sound Disappointment

    Both settings are set to on. It still sounds bad.
  5. I just recently purchased a Casio CGP 700 and I have to say, the external speaker quality is not very good. It sounds very tinny, and cheap. I've read that flipping the stand so that the speakers are facing outward and up against a wall gives it a richer sound. While this helped, it still sounds pretty bad. The piano sounds too much like it's coming from under me. I've also noticed that the onboard speakers shutoff when the stand speakers are plugged in, which doesn't make sense to me. I would think that they would handle the high end. I wasn't too excited about the piano sounds either, the high end sounds too "pointy," and sounds really fake. I had a Yamaha DGX 640, which sound richer, and was thinking of getting the 660, but decided to try the cgp 700. I might make a swap, since the DGX piano samples are much richer with better speaker quality. Does anyone agree with this? Or am I the only one for some reason. It seems like most people love the cgp 700, but I can't say I do. Does anyone have any suggestions to improve my experience? Or should I should I just make the swap? Any input would be much apprectiated.