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  1. Any suggestions on how to work this thing?

    So there is a short tutorial video on the official Casio YouTube page. At the beginning of the video, the guy shows how to program a beat using steps, and then how to do it live. But when I do what he does the only result I get is a demo playing when I hit the play button. I have been able to figure some more advanced stuff out like changing sounds on a pad but I can't get anywhere with the most basic function of making my own beats. Both the printed manual and the pdf manual seem to breeze over the basics.
  2. Any suggestions on how to work this thing?

    Yeah, I already downloaded that pdf. Still seems like some basics are missing. Guess I have to go buy whatever kind of usb cord wasn't included with the unit so I can hook it up to a computer.
  3. Any suggestions on how to work this thing?

    I picked this up yesterday and the manual doesn't seem to be all that helpful. I can't seem to find much as far as tutorial videos either. How do I make a beat? Can I edit a sample I import? I really don't have much experience with this type of gear but is it just me or could they have done a much better job with the manual? It seems like it jumps over a lot of core basic stuff.