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  1. Casio 560M

    really like the 560 , returned the Yamaha the night I got it . ordered the 560 cant get away from it . tone in the yahama p255 was off and only 4 or 5 different pianos , all sound , harsh and tinny wasn't very loud at all . I've yet to turn the casio up even close to max , I know I was stuck on never getting casio because of the toy thing . the pro line is really different . makes it fun to play . sound is rich and full . don't know about the roland never owned one , they make good stuff that's for sure , just know you probably wont be disappointed with the 560 . I like yahama stuff too , harps are the best , other keyboards are great , just the one I tried wasn't for me . you should be really happy with what you get , it's a lot of money . if you cant try them out . like the one guy said get it online with return and try a couple . cant get away from my 560 ,
  2. Mixing with the Mixer

    thanks works ,
  3. Can't turn rhythm button off on my PX-320

    curious , did you ever figure it out ? i haven't a clue .