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  1. Next Casio Product Wish List

    The MZ series are nice indeed, but to me, anything with built in speakers just doesn't seem pro level. Still they could use them as a very basic skeleton of what I'm proposing. The sequencer inside the concept I suggested will be based off of traditional DAW functionality i.e. Reason 9, Studio One, Logic, etc. The user will be able to start and finish a whole production, vocals and all, with this device, no computer needed. But if the user wants to connect to a computer for vst's they can. The Px 5s is cool, but it's really limited with just a stereo recorder and 8 track sequencing. That's what I mean about Casio, they seem to hinder their products. It could be limited features or an illogical user interface, Casio isn't making the gear that I expect them to. I know it's not only about me, but I'm assuming for many professional studios/producers because you rarely see any Casio products in these places.
  2. XW-PD1 Significant price drop.

    I'm willing to pay that much for a premium Casio product. Something that I can make the centerpiece of a production studio.
  3. As most of you may know Casio produce pretty decent gear, but as of late their products are really lackluster. I understand the market they are in with their low budget, school friendly musical instruments, but at one point they were attempting to make serious tools like the Casiotone 1000p and the FZ-1 sampler, which mine is getting repaired as I type. I briefly said that to suggest that Casio should delve back into the professional space by creating an all in one production tool that can be used standalone without a computer and in conjunction with a computer. This device's control interface will incorporate a 25 key controller, with a 4x4 velocity/pressure sensitive drum pad and function assignable pitch/modulation wheels. All data and device navigation will be managed with a very responsive 7-10" multi-touch color screen and traditional transport controls. The device will be of a hybrid nature with analog, sampling, FM manipulation capabilities and come with at least 8 gigs of premium Casio sounds. These sounds will also come from key players within the music industry. There will be highly capable master grade effects. The device will have the ability to record audio tracks in a linear fashion exactly like a computer DAW and manipulate this data just like a DAW. The device will have multiple analog/digital input and output options and include high grade microphone pre amps. There will be ample onboard storage and various external storage options. Also the device will use traditional midi input/output and CV control options. Importantly, this device will be very user friendly and not be hindered with an illogical user interface. There's more to include so this will be ongoing. Casio this is a super premium product and will be expected to retail anywhere around $1500-$2500 US dollars. This will not be a product marketed to the home/ school segment but rather to the professional studio market. Will chime in again when time permits.
  4. XW-PD1 Significant price drop.

    I hope that their next groovebox is something substantial because Akai just released their standalone MPC's and producers will be super focused on those products.
  5. has anyone tried their pd1 with an iConnect MIDI2+?

    It seems like this probably won't get answered. May have to test it yourself, unfortunately. Still you can return the iconnect if it doesn't. Good luck!
  6. Bug using Pad Action feature

    Whenever I use the Pad Action function and press Sequence Step Key 6, the unit shuts down and powers back on. This happens all the time! There is also another similar bug that does this with another feature, but I forgot to take note because of other things happening around me at the time. I believe it has to do with the effects, however I will play around more to locate it.
  7. XW-PD1 Significant price drop.

    Sounds ok, but I just purchased mine last month. Do you think that update is reflected? Also it's cool that Casio has different regions to cater to, but wouldn't it be better to just centralize everything? If you didn't mention the sample pack, I wouldn't have known. Imagine how many others are missing out on this. Why not just make one website where all Casio's customers can frequent? Not complaining just typing out loud. Casio is a great company that I grew up with, but some of their business practices are a bit outdated. Also their focus is a bit shortsighted in the audio production category in regards to computer connectivity. Modern producers should feel confident and reassured with Casio's products like say a Korg or a Roland piece. There was one time where I didn't take Yamaha gear seriously, but now, to me, they are one of the defacto manufacturers of quality audio production tools. Casio should be taken serious, especially with all of their technologies. They could become a dominant contender with top brass artists utilizing their tools. I understand Casio's market but still, where are their computer interfaces, their synth modules or their analog type products? Why aren't they getting their products into the hands of reputable A list artists and not these run of the mill acts???? Anyways just a bit of a rant that I had to get off of my chest. I just take it personal, a bit, considering my history with Casio's products. My first electronic keyboard was a Casio and to have people mock and jeer when they see me using a Casio product is saddening.
  8. XW-PD1 Significant price drop.

    Cool! How recent are these upgrades? I'm asking because the other updates have dates and the ones you are referring to doesn't.
  9. XW-PD1 Significant price drop.

    Regardless of how the xw-pd1 looks, Casio has a good product here and should treat it as such. It's a shame when companies release an item that is useful to many folks and not give it the proper support.
  10. XW-PD1 Significant price drop.

    I was actually looking at the Kenton as soon as I asked that question lol. Well if it starts it on time, hopefully it'll keep its sync long enough for me to record it into my DAW. It gets tedious doing it manually, then cutting and lining up the files in the DAW. I'm hoping there is some way for Casio to update their USB/Midi to make it more accessible to standard midi use. I would even enjoy if they turned it into an audio interface through USB......... Wishful thinking, genie style lol.
  11. PD bing PD bang PD wow.

    The Hot Sugar Casio video is probably one of my favorite videos in recent times. He is definitely talented and his artistry in the electronic music category is in the upper echelons.
  12. XW-PD1 Significant price drop.

    Where can I find an adapter that will make me use a regular MIDI controller/keyboard to connect and sync with the XW-PD1? Also will this ensure a proper and stable connection? Is the XW-PD1 even capable of this? Thanks in advance