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  1. XW-PD1 Significant price drop.

    You can hook it up to your Computer via USB and Get Start and Stop from your DAW apparently. Or you could buy a Kenton USB to MIDI adapter. However, it has come to my attention that the PD1 does not accept actual MIDI Sync (WTF??) just start and stop so sync will be a bit dodgy.
  2. XW-PD1 - sync

    Wow I did not Realize this. I have not tried to integrate it with my Ableton other gear yet, just playing with it "Stand alone". This is not mentioned in any of the reviews. Hrmm Do I return this and get my 99 bucks back. Or keep it and addit to my collection of weird gear of questionable value. (I'm still thinking "Really No MIDI sync? just start stop?" /SMH