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  1. Hello everyone, New user/member here. I'm hoping some of you with more experience/familiarity with the 560 can provide a little feedback. I played acoustic piano for many years when I was younger, and would like to begin playing again. I don’t have room for an acoustic piano, and I liked the idea of having some extra features/advantages of a digital piano (playing with headphones, portability, different sounds/tones for some blues/jazz playing with friends, etc.). I recently bought a 560 based on the many positive reviews I read about it. I live in a pretty rural area, so the nearest Casio dealer was 5-6 hours away so I was unable to play it beforehand/compare it to other models. Bottom-line I’m troubled by the sound I’m hearing when I play it with basic acoustic piano tones/settings, particularly a tinny and “vibrato” sound when in the acoustic piano modes. "Vibrato" isn't maybe the most accurate way to put it. But what I'm talking about is the "decay" of the sound after the initial strike of the key/note. I made a short recording here, comparing the sound to a very poor condition acoustic piano at my brother’s home: https://youtu.be/SaWEYqXPs54 Sorry for the recording quality, but I can hear the difference obviously enough. On the real acoustic, the "decay" is a more "linear" decline in the sound volume/tone. On the 560, there is a prominent "waviness" in the decay sound volume/tone, which reminds me of "vibtrato." Hopefully you get the idea and can "hear" what I'm talking about even if I'm not using the correct terminology. I had several other family members around as average "listeners" (guinea pigs!), and all agreed that the Casio sound was very strange to their ears, and not at all what they associate with an ordinary acoustic piano. Does this sound “right” or accurate to you? I realize that no digital piano is going to sound as good as a “real” acoustic. But this is not a cheap digital piano, and I'm comparing here to a pretty lousy acoustic piano. At least to my ears, the 560 sounds considerably worse. The tinny/vibrato sound on the 560 reminds me of the “fake”-sounding (but fun!) cheap Casio keyboards of 20 years ago I remember as a kid. This is particularly disappointing/confusing when I compare the sound quality to some of the other tones/instruments available on the PX560 I’ve played around with which really sound amazing. I’ve reset the 560 to the “factory default” settings just to make sure there were no settings that I might have accidentally changed while I was getting familiar with it. And I’ve been using the default “Grand Piano” button/mode as the standard (that is what it is set at for the video). Some of the other “piano” tones have a less obvious “vibrato,” but it still seems very prominent in the ones I've tried. Maybe there are some settings I can modify to change the sound a bit that I’ve missed? I’d sure appreciate any thoughts/advice you might have. Thanks for your time, Colin
  2. "Vibrato" sound on 560 Piano tones?

    I think that is it...adjusting that made a huge difference. As Homer would say...DOH! Thanks for the help.