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  1. Thanks. So activating synth settings 'on the fly' during playing is impossible because there's no way to do it with a single button, right? For split mode with layer (i. e. 4 instruments parallel) I would have to manually set up the complete layout with 4 user tones. I'm screwed :| edit: OK I figured it out. First set up the 4 user tones. Then set up layer and split WITH these 4 new tones. Then save the whole setup to a registration button. Works fine. Thanks a lot.
  2. Hi all, so the WK-3000 manual says that the Registration Memory stores (among others) the synthesizer mode settings. Those are, for example, OctShift (octave shift) and level (loudness). However, when I store some settings and then re-open them with the BANK button, these settings are gone and set to default. For example, I want the layered instrument to be only level 60 (default is 120). I save the settings. They work. But as soon as I re-open them, the settings are level 120 again. Same applies to Octave shift (very annoying!!) and probably all other synth settings. Other settings like instruments, layer, split and so on are saved, this issue seems only to affect the synth settings. This way I really can't use registration memory at all because I would have to manually re-adjust everything in synth settings each time. Does anyone else have this problem? Is there some kind of official statement why it does not work? Thanks!