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  1. ctk-6250 recording Rhythm and Accomp

    Ted thanks soo much great answers so quick, you know your stuff, seems like this can be fun. I appreciate the semantics very helpful "rhythm" the whole package with accomp Drum track = drum track only For now I want to record rhythm (whole package) and play along and record that on top. So i will select my rhythm, push Record then SYNCHRO then Accomp then play my first note to start then start/stop to end. I will try that and let you know how it goes. Thanks again
  2. Hello, I just bought a ctk-6250 a month ago and want to do some recording. Basic recording is pretty simple. Push the record button play a couple keys and hit the start/stop button then push start/stop to play back. When I go to do record again it keeps the old song!!! (1) how do I save that 1st recording and erase that slot so I can start out blank again. I also know I can choose accomp and hit record and the left hand keys will give me chord sounds I can record that also. My main problem is (2) I want to select rhythm just say 001 sync and accomp but when I select accomp and push start/stop next to it to start rhythm it knocks me out of record why does that happen? did they have to use the same button to stop record and start rhythm . I want to know how to record rhythm and accomp when the are both playing, I would also like to change the rhythm while it is playing and keep recording. I looked thru the manual it is very complicated with sequencers, mixers, 32 tracks etc 50 years worth of technology. I'm just trying to learn to play and record a little bit. L.O.L. One more question (sorry) (3) is there a way to record say 4 chords and have it play over and over again without having to hit start every time like a looper function. Is it possible some of the things I want it to do are not possible or do I really have to spend a lot of time like a year to learn all this information. Any response is deeply appreciated thanks so much. Jack Ryan Baltimore Orioles and Ravens fan
  3. ctk-2650 inputing outside source

    Sorry I should have been more careful it is a CTK-6250 and yes you did help me earlier in my decision to trade in the LK-175. It was a good move it sounds a lot more professional to me which means I can play it occasionally on gigs. Thanks for all the information, I'm getting there it all makes sense, just a learning process just like learning how to play, well hopefully not that long. I will try all these combinations because that stuff interests me. It seems the best way to do it is plug everything into a small behringer usb mixer you can buy for $50.00 and use recording software as someone had mentioned earlier. Thanks again it's all fun and a learning experience.
  4. I returned a lk-175 for a ctk-2650 because it could record but it only records 5 songs. When i plug the 1/4 in jack into the input jack in the back and played some background music I wanted to play to and record on top of that, the sound did not come out the speaker like it did on the lk-175. Is there something I am missing. In other words. How do I get sound from an outside source and record along. Another question is there a repeat function could I record 4 chords and have it repeat or loop. Obviously I have not spent much time learning yet there is so much information I am over- whelmed, I could never use all this keyboard is capable of. I
  5. lk175 does it record

    Ted thanks so much you have no idea how much you helped. Believe it or not today is the last day that I could return my lk175 and I did and ordered the CTK6250. Musicians Friend has a great 45 day policy (they are the best) to try it out and that's what I did. Others agree with you if I am going to learn do it the right way by learning to read the music instead of memorize. I am in it for the long haul and I am serious so great suggestion. I will let you know how everything goes. Thanks again Jack Ryan (not Tom Clancy Jack Ryan)
  6. lk175 does it record

    Thank you soooo much for the response. I love this forum already.I found out I still have a couple of days to return the LK175. MY next question is: They have a CTK 6250 that records (I don't want to record separately with software )and not much more expensive. Would that be a good move or is it too complicated. Do you know if it sounds better. Would it be too much for a someone just starting? Would I be losing the advantage of the training part of the LK175. I learn pretty quick. Would the 6250 be able to be used to play out, I don't think theLK175 would sound good enough. Thanks again. Jack
  7. lk175 does it record

    I purchased an Lk175 I took it for granted it records songs I know it samples a couple seconds I want to record at least for 4 minutes can it do that. I don't think the lighted key board helps because by the time i hit the key it is too late. Should I have purchased a ctk do they record and sound better? I am just learning to play but have been playing the guitar for years. Should I stick with the Lk175 for learning purposes or should I go to the CTK 6250 it seems more powerful Thanks Jack