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  1. Yes, of course it was a manufacturing defect. But I bought this keybord last week. It had been stored for years in a shop and I got it at good price (I think!), as it was brand new. I noticed the problem in the first day I had it. But as you said, all's well that ends well. Thanks!
  2. Solved! The diagnostic was right and repairing the welding, the keyboard performs correctly. I hope it can help other people with the same issue.
  3. Hello Ted. Thanks for your advice. I've disassembled the hole keyboard and I've removed some dust, but unfortunatelly, the problem persists. I've discarted a rubber strips issue, as I've switched its position and the problem keeps at the same key. After that, I've been checking the board around the affected zone and I've discovered a welding mistake (attached picture), which can be the origin of the problem. Tomorrow I'll repair this welding. I'll let you know if it has worked or not. Thanks!
  4. Hello, I have a CTK-3000 keyboard which has an issue with the touch sensitivity. When I keep pressed the 3rd G#, it makes the following 7 keys, until D# sound super loud. If G# is not pressed, all those keys sound normally. If a do it in the reverse way, I press first any of these keys and then I press the G#, it also works normally. But if then I add a 3rd key, this one sounds loud again. So G# is the one that produces the other give loud sound. It happens both with touch sensitiviy level 1 & 2. If I remove the sensitivity, everything works. It really seems to be a defect on the PCB (electronic board). If disassembled almost the hole keyboard, but it is difficult to discover the possible failure if I don't know exactly what am I looking for. I've seen this issue in another keyboard, but the suggested solutions (replace the keyboard) is not available for me. Although my keybord is brand new, it has been stored in a warehouse for years, so it is out of warranty. Is there any way to fix it by myself? Thanks,