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  1. Replying to my own post. It appears its an issue with the actual device sending the MIDI. I was using an old Atari 520ST, as I am transferring songs I wrote many years ago from the old ST's "Music Studio 88" program and "Final Cut" from Legend software. However tonight I decided to try controlling the CZ101 via my USB keyboard controller running into a M-Audio Delta AP192, the MIDI out of which goes into a MIDI splitter. Although I had set up both the Atari ST and my regular PC to go through this splitter (one at time), the old ST must be the culprit, as I get no clicks from the other setup. I have left this post in case it helps somebody else.
  2. I recently acquired a CZ101 one but this one seems to make a clicking noise when it receives MIDI data on other channels. For example, CZ set to channel 1, notes being played on channel 16 make a clicking noise corresponding to their durations, so its not random noise. If I turn them off in the MIDI program, those other channel clicks disappear, but the receiving channel still plays the clicks from its midi on messages. Playing the same patches via the keyboard there is no such raspy clicking noises. I was hoping somebody may have encountered this problem before and new how to fix it. thanks
  3. CASIO CZ-101.

    I had a repair question, going to post it as a separate forum topic.