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  1. How to use sounds with a rotary pedal

    I have a Privia PX-3. The organ sounds that come with the PX-3 don't have a strong enough Leslie effect for me, so I want to use a rotary pedal (e.g., Lester K, Ventilator II, etc.) with the keyboard. I know how to connect and use a typical rotary pedal. However, I can't figure out how to edit the sounds on the PX-3 to remove as much of their built-in rotary effect as possible. Otherwise, a rotary pedal creates excessive Leslie effects by layering its Leslie sound on top of the patch's built-in Leslie sound. Is there a way to remove the Leslie effect on the organ patches in the PX-3? Or is there a way to build a Hammond-type patch from scratch on the PX-3? Thanks very much.