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  1. MIDI Connection WK-7600 to WK-7500

    Thank-you for the links.
  2. Is it possible to connect a WK-7600 to a WK-7500 and control it via the USB MIDI connection? If so, what adapter do I need?
  3. Recently bought a new WK-7600. The EQ setting has a few different variations, and I want it to stay on the 'powerful' setting. I change it to 'powerful', and it stays set until I turn the power off. When I turn the keyboard back on, the EQ setting is set to 'off'. This is very frustrating. How do I get it to remember that setting?
  4. I have both the WK-7500, and the WK-7600. The keyboard on the 7500 is very noisy, has a very light, plasticy feel, it feels very cheap (which, of course, it is). Casio has made very noticeable improvements on the 7600's keyboard, it much quieter, has more resistance, feels much more playable than the 7500. Slightly more refined. I hope it lasts.