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  1. alenk thanks!! i had the machine set to slave in midi settings....it's now working as it should....uuugh how frustrating
  2. alenk if i follow the steps in the tutorial. hit rec button, it blinks, i play a chor then hit play button to stop. if i hit play again, no sound...
  3. anyone in the sf bay area available for a paid tutorial? this thing is driving me insane. way too complicated
  4. i can't seem to make this work. 'i've followed the steps in the manual and online. basically i record a phrase. the record buttom blinks but doesnt make a metronome sound. once i play and write the phrase it won't playback...
  5. is it possible to use the xw as a controller for soft synths with studio one. I have it hooked up to a firestudio interface via the midi in out into my macbook pro. I can't seem to get it to work. the software receives midi signal but it won't play the instrument. Are there drivers that are needed? are there settings on the xw that need to be adjusted?