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  1. Need help with setup

    OMG...Silly me... Many, many thanks! That was it! It was MIDI in my settings, but I am using a MIDI cable, right? ^^ Best regards from Poland
  2. Need help with setup

    piano (out) is connected with ua55 (in) with midi cabel. interface itself with a laptop with usb cabel. thats pretty much it. interface is properly detected by daw software as 'quad-capture'. it is set both for in and out, in midi settings as well. Guitar and mic are connected to the front panel of the interface and both work just fine.
  3. Need help with setup

    This is my first post, so halo to anyone reading this I am a satisfied owner of px5s for about 3 years. So far I have used it as a standalone machine, however time has come to expand my home studio. My goal is to connect guitar, this beauty and my laptop. To achive this I bought Roland UA-55 audio/midi interface. Audio part works fine, but I failed to use piano as keystation with vst plugins. I have tried Abbleton Live and Cakewalk Sonar so far. No midi signal is comming from piano. How should I set it up?