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  1. Left Hold

    Thanks for help But while playing the keyboard without ACCOMP,

    I too have experienced a similar sort of problem many times while connecting the keyboard with FL studio it occurs when i change the midi channel while holding down a note(key) What actually happens here is when we change the channel while holding the note, only the attack is recorded and release will not get recorded as i changed the midi channel. As a result that note continue to sound even after i have released the key I could only solve the problem by rebooting the keyboard
  3. Left Hold

    I didn't really mean sustain (pls forgive for my poor english):- while playing the keyboard without any rhythms, and playing the chords (lower) with strings, choir etc, the chord i play should automatically sustain until i play the next chord (I really mean the LEFT HOLD function in Yamaha Arranger Keyboards See the attached pic)
  4. Left Hold

    Is there any function in CASIO MZ-X500 like Left Hold in YAMAHA PSR 2000 etc..
  5. Rhythm Import from MiDi

    Sorry for that. I've changed it
  6. Hi Guys First of all pls forgive me for my poor English I've bought a CASIO MZ-X 500 Keyboard last week and i am working on it I've tried to create rhythms from midi files using the pattern sequencer (see Attachment) using SMF import and editing each element (intros, variations, fill ins etc..) But in the chord type section i can only see c major, c minor c7 and Cm7 chords but the actual midi file is none among them i selected chord type c and pressed execute, but while i played the rhythm with accomp, i get a different chord when i play c major chord I think there is a section called Key Shift. What is its function? pls check the attached Midi files and rhythms and suggest a solution 1) ->22 TAYLOR SWIFT.MID ->22.AC7 ->22_NEW.AC7 2)LIVIN ON A PRAYER.MID ->LIVIN.AC7
  7. Hex layer tone

    Version 1.1.0


    Checkout this Hex