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Found 2 results

  1. I dunno if the step sequencer on both XW functions exactly the same, but for a long time I got something on my mind as a small addition or replacement in favor from another function [like Octave]. When you press and hold the slider a/b button a menu appears where you can select what each slider can do at each step, But when you press the menu button afterwards you'll get another menu. In that menu there is an option to give the master slider another function like "S.Size, N.Length" etc. I wish there was Step Length added to it, Its very cool you can assign for all parts what their step behavior can be but I've been longing for this one changing step length in real time even if there are only a few possible such as 2,4,6,8 as length. If its possible for the Casio Marketing,Engineers to pull off like as an final tribute to the XW awesomeness. (*which reminds me around this time something like that should be as a Casio synth comeback.) I'll give my thanks now bringing the S for Synth back to Casio with the XW I've enjoyed playing keyboard again :). (btw made some cool loops with it again its really awesome)
  2. I'm new to the forum and have a coupla questions I'd really appreciate your help with guys on the XW-G1. First up:- Whenever I record a chord or melody line in the step sequencer it always changes the tone to a full tone or more higher. It's as if it's transposing or raising the pitch of everything that goes in. I have looked for a solution before posing this but it's got me beat- Is there something wrong with my machine maybe? While I'm here can I ask a cheeky question about changing the volume of the tone you play vs the step sequencer which is really soft. I imagine this is pretty straightforward.