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Found 4 results

  1. I'm an Artist now in my own way why because I appreciate an instrument that takes me places. The XW-G1 is my go to inspiration keyboard what I do with it I've learned through the years. My thanks to all of you for this journey and here is the journey I want to take you in where it got me now. Enjoy
  2. I created a sample in Logic Pro X to use as an interlude between songs for my band's live sets. I bounced it from Logic converted the sample to the G1 format using the Data Editor. Then I transferred the sample onto the keyboard to U:201. But then when I went to trigger the sample (which is a minute long) it only plays for 15 seconds and then cuts off. I tried holding the key down, and I also tried using the "hold" button. I tried pressing all different keys on the keyboard and my sample still cuts off. But it doesn't cut off in the same exact spot every time, so I know it's not a problem with the sample I loaded in. It cuts off at different spots within a 10-20 second window. Also, I loaded in a bass drop which is only about 5 seconds long, and it plays the whole thing, I also loaded in another little 5 second sample I made, and it plays the whole thing. I had no problems converting or transferring the file, but the XW-G1 keeps cutting off the sample after about 15 seconds. Is this something wrong with the keyboard? Is there a certain way I need to bounce/export my file out of Logic? Help please!
  3. ACID House

    A quick demo, just drums and bass. https://soundcloud.com/casiomusicgear/xw-house-jam
  4. It Came from the Sky!

    DOUBLE TOP SECRET! FOR YOUR EARS ONLY! I present the first full track from the Roswell 7.7.47 project.. This track features the XW-G1 Theremin patch doing the UFO and various sound effects throughout the piece. Also includes the Roswell Theme melody I posted the other day using one of the G1 solo synth patches. Because the Roswell Incident happened in 1947 I am using a lot of vintage monophonic sounds like the Theremin. I am also working on recreating the sound of a little-known vintage synthesizer called the Electronic Sackbut - more on that one later. Now put on your headphones and hazmat suit and step into the time machine for a trip to Roswell: It Came from the Sky! <- (clickity) https://soundcloud.com/keyz2401/it-came-from-the-sky