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Found 97 results

  1. How do you select Stage Settings from MIDI (Another keyboard or iPad Remote Control)?Bank 112, followed by a program change 0-99 will select the Stage SettingsWhen can I download the Mac/PC editor?Tentatively on or around April 19thI've tried all the velocity curves the piano is either too loud or too soft for my needsThe pianos are set by default for a very wide dynamic range (as are all Privia models).You can reduce the dynamic range yourself. Press the EDIT button, select TONE. Go to the AMP page. Find velocity and reduce it from a value of +64 to around 40. You'll have to scroll back up to the stop of the AMP page and reduce the overall volume to compensate. We will be posting variations on the piano for download later in April. What is the warranty on the PX-5SIn the US it is 1 year plus an additional 2 years when you register your purchase online. Can the MIDI Solutions Pedal Controller be used on the PX-5S for expression or sustainMany people have expressed interest in using this device with the PX-5S to use either as an expression pedal or to use with a continuous damper pedal such as the Roland DP-10. The MIDI Solutions product only transmits on 1 MIDI channel. This means that regardless of how you're using (expression or sustain) it can only control 1 zone of the PX-5S at a time. While we are investigating ways to provide better integration with devices such as this, this does NOT mean that anything is planned or guaranteed. If there is ever an official announcement of a firmware update you'll here it from me, here on this forum I've downloaded sounds from this forum and put them on the USB drive, but I can not load them.​The files need to be placed in the MUSICDAT folder on the USB drive for the PX-5S to see them.
  2. xw

    HI: I've decided to create this post to upload my music. And share it with you. Thank you. Mediodía 1. CASIO XW-P1 ***************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Noche II 1. CASIO XW-P1 2. KORG electribe MX <EMX-1SD>
  3. Hello, I have recently bought the CTK - 2400 model online and it just game and I noticed there isn't a MIDI in attached to the keyboard, only a Input in, I was trying to hook it up to the computer in order to use fl studio, How would I hook this up? what cords do I need to buy? let me know asap! thanks!
  4. I dont know wich one to buy. casio px 560M or Roland FP 50 i really want the Casio but Somebody said that they make "toys"And Roland has a professional sound.I think Casio has An amazing sound.Someone said that the Casio has a bizarre feeling playing on it and the Roland mechanism is much more better.I really want the Casio but every musicians near me say that doesnt matter which type i want i should buy the Roland. Sorry for my English.
  5. Hello to everyone on the Casio Music Forum! I'm here looking for information on an old keyboard which I believe to be from the 1990s. It originally belonged to my grandmother, and now I use it in some of my music production because I like some of the sort of 90s sounds on it. Printed on the front is a list of 100 drum rhythms, as well as 100 sound presets. It says CASIO: PRO-300 in the center, and has a LCD screen that is 4.5 cm x 2 cm which displays numbers that correspond to whatever preset one might have selected. It incorporates the use of Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) sound as well as touch response, and adaptable, built in Reverb and Delay effects. I have attached a photograph of the keyboard to this thread. The things I'd like to know about this keyboard are: How much did it originally cost? What type of synthesis is used (or are they samples)? When did they first begin being produced? How long did they stay on the market? What is it worth now? Thanks in advance, I look forward to seeing what you all can provide!
  6. Hi guys, I've just bought this piano brand new from Thomann (really great shop to buy music instruments) but don't know what to think. I don't have many experiences with digital pianos and I've learned that Casio keyboards are generally more noisy comparing with Yamaha and I'm fine with that but one of the keys is extremely clunky on back stroke. What is even worse it is E4 key. Sounds like keyboard or hammer is touching some plastics when returning to it's default position. Like there is no damping on that place. There is another one which is a bit more noisy than rest but not as bad at this one. The rest of the keyboard is OK. I've made a video of that so what do you guys think ? Return and replace ? What are the odds to get another one with the same issue ? It's kind of expensive to send back to Germany. I'm not sure if it's a defect or not. Is this rare thing or normal for Casio keyboards ? The noise is pretty annoying during play and I can hear it even with headphones. Also it's not pleasant once the finger leave the key. Everything works flawlessly but this is pretty distracting. Thanks for your opinions...
  7. Where Download new sounds and rhythms and Put any someone knows? i created a group about casio px360 if u wanna get in
  8. Hi all, I finally got round to uploading another of my XW demo tracks. This also uses both my XW-P1 and G1. Enjoy!
  9. I found this video the uploader said it was a breeze for his kid to navigate through the keyboard. I was like . Yas Casio touchscreen definitely a winner tool.
  10. Hi all, Can anyone pls help me whether casio xw-g1 can be used for live performance or it can be used for only DJ's.. Actually i couldnt able to set sound banks in this as like we do in normal casio keys... pls help in this
  11. I just received my px160 today. It plays and sounds great. I just have one concern. There seems to be glue in between some of the keys on the lower end. It doesn't affect the sound or action as far as I can tell. I just wanted to check if this was somewhat normal or if it is something I should be concerned about? I have pictures if that would help. Thanks.
  12. Picked up another HT6000 last night. At the price it went for on Ebay it was too good a deal to miss. It was probably cheaper buying this than getting my other (dead) HT6000 fixed! Appears to be fully working, battery cover present and battery compartment is as clean as a whistle. Now I have three HT6000's, two working, and one not (spares?!). This should keep me going for a few more years
  13. Hello. Do any forum members know where I might get a replacement B key for the above synth? Or, is there an equivalent replacement? Its really nice, has lovely CZ sounds and drums from the RZ-1. Pic enclosed (ebay). Key contact still works! Casio and Yamaha stuff lasts forever, only batteries are their Kryptonite Thanks. David.
  14. Hi, i am member of Meret Band and i using Casio XW-P1 synthesizer. Enjoy it.
  15. Save A Prayer Tone

    Version V1.00


    Enjoy it
  16. File Name: Save A Prayer Tone File Submitter: Berk5 File Submitted: 18 Feb 2016 File Category: XW-P1 Enjoy it Click here to download this file
  17. Please i need help can anyone tell how to save a custom stage setting and then load it.
  18. File Name: Vintage Keys Set File Submitter: Dave Weiser File Submitted: 08 Oct 2013 File Category: PX-5S Stage Settings A set of 15 sounds programmed by Dave Weiser. The zip file contains both Stage Settings and HexLayer tones so you can utilize these sounds within existing Stage Settings. Descriptions of each and audio demos are below. 3Dog Pianet - From Joy to the World, also works for Misty Mountain Hop 80s PopEGrand - From Buggles' Video Killed the Radio Star BeaterReed - Generic gigging Wurly sound, with the excessive highs and lows cut out DWBeater - Rhodes with the highs/lows rolled off, like Ray Charles in the Blues Bros DynoRhds - Inspired by Donny Fagen's Nightfly album Gabriel CP - From Peter Gabriel's Wallflower HeavyFuzzClav - From ELO's Evil Woman, works great for all dist Clav applications Mix EQ EP - A Rhodes that takes up a very thin slice of the EQ spectrum, will work easily in a dense mix. PhasAmpClav - From Bernie Worrell's clav parts on the Talking Heads' Stop Making Sense album/movie [Phaser done with synthesis] PhasCHDist EP - Rhodes with phaser, chorus and distortion ala George Duke late 70s [Phaser done with synthesis] PhasDistRhds - Rhodes with phaser, chorus and distortion ala 70s Grateful Dead, EQ'd to work well in a dense mix [Phaser done with synthesis] Ray Wurly - Emulation of the earlier model 112 Wurly from Ray Charles' What'd I Say Steely Clav - From Steely Dan's Black Cow SupastiClav - From Stevie Wonder's Supersticious Zep Clav - From Zeppelin's Trampled Under Foot Click here to download this file
  19. What Pedals work with the XW-seriesCasio SP-20 Casio SP-3R Pedals from Kurzweil and Korg also work as well as the switchable M-Audio, Roland and Yamaha will not. Can I used the Solo Synth and Hex Layers, or Drawbar organs at the same timeNo, only one of them can be used at a time on Zone 1.
  20. Hi I've recently purchased the XW-G1 and I've been trying to figure this out for ages. basically I want to know is after you create something from within the synth e.g. a drum pattern, melody ect.. how do I then export that as a wav file to use within my DAW? also I would like to know how I can record full tracks and live sets from within the synth, Is there any way to take the master output of the synth and send it to my DAW and record it as an audio file?
  21. Hello to the forum! I'm new and happy user of this awesome Casio Privia PX-5S digital piano, yet during my analysis of instruction and following its steps on instrument I found a probable malfunction. I hope it's treatable without servicing, that's why I first ask for your help. What's the problem? It looks like my USB port (numered in basic instruction as 48, that on the front, not 49 on the back) don't see or recognize any drive I'm plugging in. What I do is entering some usb stick (I tried ADATA S102 32GB USB 3.0 and memory of my MP3 player which I offen use as a pendrive: Creative MuVo TX 512mb ), and waiting for response. 30 seconds are passing, 1 minute is passing and there is none, no "Mounting media" information, no "reading" or something like that. Pressing, or holding longer Audio Recorder button gives me "Error / No Media / Press Exit" response. As instruction goes, both drivers were formated on my computer to FAT32 system by full, not shortened format function. What is interesting memory sticks signalize their connection, problem exist by the side of casio. I don't know how to check version of my instrument's OS, and fear that without USB connection won't be able to update it. If anything, I have that square USB type B cable to input to the back of the casio. Any ideas?
  22. Last night I had a dream I dreamed of playing a piano and loved it, Then I played an organ and also loved it the dream made me happy cause for some reason I knew it was a Casio .
  23. Hello all, I am new to this forum, and have been searching around for someone with more experience with Casio CZ-101 troubles. Have had this synth for quite a few years, and I love it so much! I finally got around to doing some updates, like a backlit LCD. Then I moved on to building a 64 patch memory card, which is mentioned in the article down this page: I have it constructed, only using 1k ohm resistors in the place of the 390 ohms, just because I had them on hand. I have made sure it is all connected properly and there is continuity between the cartridge pins in the Casio and the card. Whenever the card is connected to the synth, and I power it up, there is just a row of boxes on the LCD top row, and many of the LED's are lit up, but no functions are available on the keyboard. If I turn it off and remove the cartridge, everything works fine again. I guess I'm just wondering if anyone here has experienced this with a CZ... as I noticed one person on another forum stating they had this problem before, but did not mention ram cartridges or any solutions. If anyone has more understanding here, would the current limiting of the higher value resistors cause the card to be unusable, or is there a deeper problem with the cartridge circuitry within the keyboard itself? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, Pat(Spivkurl)
  24. OK, ok. It's like a drug. I can't resist picking up old, bargain Casios! I was browsing through Ebay seeing what interesting Casios were on offer when I saw an MT750 that had been re-listed for about the 3rd time. It's not a model that I am familiar with, though with a five octave keyboard and plenty of sounds/ functions it looked to be quite well specified. It has 3 keys missing, along with the slider caps, otherwise it is complete and working. It also came with a hefty power supply that on its own was worth the price, including postage, of the MT750. I put in an amount matching the starting bid of £10, no-one else bid, and I become the owner of an MT750 It arrived yesterday and it is indeed an interesting little pre-set synth. It has 220 PCM 'tones', 110 'beats', a basic envelope function to mess around with the tones, a pitch bend wheel (very limited range), a 'multi accompaniment system' (buttons that give you variations/ fills for the drums/ rhythm section) and MIDI in/ out/ through. Some of the sounds are actually quite good, and it seems to have a number of similarities with my CTK1000, a Casio that claims to use the 'IXA sounds source', which I've never seen mentioned on any other Casio. Unlike the CTK1000, the keyboard isn't velocity sensitive. The construction is also similar to the 'HT' and later 'MT' series, even the switches and sliders look similar, and they all use PCM for sound generation. Also, like the HT series the MT 750's pitch bend wheel only has a limited range of approx. +/- 5 semi tones, not a full +/- octave like the CZ's. Unlike the HT range, the MT750 lacks the programmable drums and rhythm sections, though it does have a record function that allows you record and playback your playing. There also isn't extensive control over the amplifier (VCA) and no filter (VCF), which is a shame as with so many sounds that really would have made it fun. However, I am going to get some leads so I can feed it through my Korg Monotron's filter, which should make things very interesting indeed! I'm also going to see if I can find a broken MT to raid for its keys, as though the rubber contacts are there for the missing keys on my MT 750, it would be nice to have all keys there to play with. Oh, and the demonstration song is 'The way that you love me', by Paula Abdul. Very 80's sounding - bonus! :-p