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Found 3 results

  1. On the PX-560, if you tweak a performance setting - maybe you've un-split the keyboard, or maybe you've made some deeper edits - the blue lit bank button goes out. I can look to the LCD to see what bank I'm using, but no longer know if it's button 1, 2, 3, or 4. I assume that's Casio's way of letting us know the setting has been modified. Can't tell you how much I wish it would not do that. To me, it makes it harder to keep track of what you're editing, or just to know what performance setting you've been using. Any chance of a firmware fix for this? Thanks!! **I originally posted this in the Facebook group (permalink here) and got affirmation on the issue. Someone suggested I repost here. Hope that's OK. Basically, I and some others are asking for a firmware fix for what we've feel is an annoying issue. The fix would involve making the registration bank button blink when you've make a change to a performance setting rather than having the button light (blue) go out completely. This is a big problem if you've made an edit that you now wish to write but lost track of the setting you were editing because none of the buttons (1, 2, 3, or 4) are lit. A blinking light would solve the issue. Thanks for reading!
  2. Hello Friends, Greetings from India. I am a composer and arranger with a YAMAHA MOX6. And I am also a keyboard player in a local band. So I am determined to upgrade to an 88 note keyboard and CASIO PRIVIA PRO PX-5S ticks all the boxes. I am very pleased with its capabilities from being a stage piano > Synth to master controller. I am a self learnt musician, but my technical knowledge with regard to cutting edge products like PX-5S is very limited. But I am a quick learner, so I am confident that I'll get it to my grips. Now the reason why I am asking you the following details is, In India we don't have showrooms like Guitar Center or Sweetwater or Kraft Music etc.,to go and try out to get hands on experience and decide what suits my needs. So my only hope to grasp an understanding about such fine products is people like you. Myself as a musician: 1) I am not a PIANO player and I have never played any acoustic grands. 2) The reason why I have decided to purchase a PX-5S or PX-350 is, now I am learning piano on my own. So I am also curious about the playability of classical piano etudes on PX-5S. Besides, PX-5S will be my main board in live performance with a YAMAHA MOX or a YAMAHA PSR 750 on top. Now the question is, 1) Though the PX-5S has no half-damper capabilites, can I simulate something closer to half -damper effect by editing the TIME / DURATION of the SUSTAIN/DAMPER RESONANCE?? For Eg: Etudes like, Chopin's "Revolutionary Etude" and "Winterwind" , many such classical compositions will require half-damper operation. If its possible to get close to such requirements, I'll be considering PX-5S. So I am requesting you to help me out on this issue to understand the technicalities involved here. Even with all the editing if it's not possible to get close, then I think I will have to go for PX-350. Even the Privia PX-350 is good. But I am a kind of a person who would love to tweak and create own sounds... and being a gigging musician the 256 note polyphony will be much helpful to create complex splits and layers. And going by youtube deoms, voices/ tones other than piano are also better in PX-5s... so im leaning towards PX-5S. 2) With the PX-5S, other than iPad, what will be the compatibility with a Samsung or other tabs which runs on Android? Will I be able to use a Soft Synth apps like 'Morphwiz' of Jordan Rudess and the like.? Can I connect any other hardware like a Tab other than iPad with PX-5S? If only with iPad, then please impart me with the advantages of integrating an iPad instead of other Andriod running devices with the PX-5S. If I have foreseen any other details or If u want to hint at any important details, plz feel free to educate me on that too.
  3. In my live work I tend to use a limited number of basic sounds and save variations across banks. Example: 00 - Rhodes 01 - Rhodes/String Layer 02 - Rhodes/Pad Layer 03 - Rhodes/Lead Split 04 - Rhodes/Bass Split etc. It's important that the basic Rhodes sound be identical so I can switch on the fly with no surprises. In the example above, let's say I create my Holy Grail basic Rhodes and Save it as both a Tone (say "HG Rhodes" in Hex U100) and Stage Setting. Next I create the split and layered Stage Settings using the HG Rhodes Tone for each. So far so good. Now let's say I decide my Holy Grail Rhodes would sound even better if I rolled off the DSP Distortion High EQ from 64 to 48. I rewrite the the Tone - same name, same location. Now that change should automatically be reflected in all the Stage Settings that use that Tone, right? 'Cause that ain't happening. Do I have to re-load the edited Tone and re-write all the Stage Settings again?