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Found 17 results

  1. Hi, i buy my first Casio keyboard, a PX-560. I'm used to playing Yamaha keyboards (like the PSR S700) and the behavior of strings on the pedal is different from Casio. In Yamaha, when you play a note with strings with the pedal pressed, the sound is only prolonged for a while and then then it disappears little by littlet. In Casio the strings remain forever until I release the pedal. Is it possible to have this kind of behavior through some configuration? Note: I am not referring to turning off the pedal in layer 2, but to having the string stop after a time when it is touched with the pedal pressed.
  2. Hi there, I'd welcome the wisdom of the community on the topic of pedals and the PX 5S. I'm confused about the operation of Pedal 2 Input. Will it take an expression pedal? Does it transmit MIDI depending on the position of the pedal or just on/off (0/127)? Sincerely, Howard Smith
  3. Hello, I apologize if this has been posted before, but I did a search and no results similar to my problem have been found. I'm having a problem with the sustain pedal on my Celviano AP-450 (purchased in 2012) where if I play something that requires repeated pedal presses, the notes fade away more quickly after a few measures, despite the pedal being fully pressed. For example, when I start playing Pathetique (2nd movement), the sustain pedal works as it should. But when I reach somewhere around measure 8, the sustain pedal begins to lose effect (but not completely), with notes sustaining only for about 2 seconds before completely fading away even though the pedal is fully pressed. I've checked the pedal assembly and the wires, and everything seems normal. I'm at a loss here, and it really ruins the music . Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Regards, Jericho
  4. Problem with PX-360M

    Hi there. The pedal doesn't work on my Privia PX-360M. When the pedal is not connected, there is full, non-stop sustain, and when the pedal is connected, there is no sustain. I've tried booting it up with the pedal disconnected, connected, pressed down, untouched, everything. How can I fix it? Hannah
  5. Hi everybody, I am totally new to Casio keyboards, so this may sound as a bit silly question, but I can't find the solution anywhere - how can I adjust the time the sustain pedal holds the tone? Mainly the strings and organs literally never fade, which makes it almost unusable. Why would anyone want to hold the tone forever? It makes the song all blurry. Can you please help me?
  6. Hi, So I am using an M-audio SP-2 sustain pedal with my Casio Privia Px-5s and I'm running into a sort of glitch. The pedal does sustain the sounds when pressed but every time I press the pedal down there is a soft glitch sound, sort of like all the keys being pressed together at the same time. It happens every time I press the pedal, whether I'm pressing the keys or not. It's quiet enough that you cant clearly hear it when I'm running it through a PA but when I go to record it through an audio interface it's clear as day. Hope someone has had a similar issue or can share their knowledge and give me some suggestions. Thanks!
  7. Is there any way to configure the XW-P1 so that I may switch between performance presets using an unlatched footswitch or a sustain pedal? Changing the preset via the + or - button is a little difficult while playing with both hands. I've checked the main settings in the P1 but I can't find a way to do so. Thank you!
  8. Is there a way to assign the slow/fast function of the tone wheel organ speaker to a foot control pedal or one of the pads on the MZ-X500? I'm finding that the small "slow/fast" button at the far left of the keyboard is not in a very convenient location and is a very small target during a live performance.
  9. Foot Pedals Fixed

    Hi, you also have foot pedals running away from you? Here is how to put soul to your pedals!
  10. Is there a way to change the Pedal Function in a performance other than Edit > Controller > Pedal. My ultimate goal here is to be able to switch the functions of the pedal during a performance. In particular for the XW G1 I am wanting to initially use the pedal to LPER REC (Looper Record) setting, then once I have my loop set up I am wanting the pedal to change to controlling the PHRS REC (Phrase Recorder function). A form of the same question for the XWP1 would be changing the pedal function from PHRS REC to PHRS P/S. I have some knowledge of midi and nrpn but I am not sure if this is able to control the Pedal option. Maybe this is possible via the MLTFUNC KEY for XWG1? External Hardware? Thanks!
  11. Okay so the pedal is not the original one with my WK 1630. its just a regular pedal or at least i thought. when i step on it, it cuts the note short and when i do not step on, it it sustains the note. which is not a good sounds when all the chords are always mixing together. does anyone have any idea what is going on? how can i fix it?
  12. The quality of the middle register is not as good as the rest or as good as it sounded in the store. Thing is, there isn't much difference between Hall and Grand piano. But, I may not be using the function properly or getting the best out of it. Any suggestions? Also, the pedal doesn't sustain as much or as deep as an acoustic. Is this the norm or is there a better product? This one came with the piano. Appreciate your help.
  13. Casio CDT 130

    The middle register doesn't sound as good as the rest of the piano or as good as I thought it sounded in the store. But, there doesn't seem to be much change when I use the functions to change to Hall or Grand piano. I wonder if there is a trick I don't know about that would give me better quality. Any suggestions? As well, the pedal seems to be weak compared to an acoustic. It came with it but perhaps there is a better one? Appreciate your help Thanks
  14. I recently bought a WK6600. My mom has a old yamaha electric that is mostly unused, so I took that pedal and tried to use it on my new piano. This pedal, although Yamaha, is your average black with silver (plastic and metal) standard pedal, so I hoped it would work on my new keyboard. However, it doesn't. I plug it into the assignable jack and have experienced problems similar to those expressed on this discussion board but for the WK6500. This is that when the pedal is plugged in and sustain is selected, the piano sustains ALL sounds, even if your foot is not on the pedal. My question is as follows: is there a problem with my medal or keyboard, or is this the way casio purposefully makes their products, incompatible with products of other brands? If my pedal will not work, can you direct me toward one that will? And please do not suggest to me to buy that cheap plastic piece of trash pedal that casio offers. I would also not like to spend $30 on a new casio pedal if my current one can function. Any guidance is very appreciated! Thank you!!!
  15. Hi all, this is my first post on this forum and I'm considering buying a PX-5S. I would like to use partial sustain even if the PX-5S comes with only an on-off sustain IN. Is it possible to plug a sustain pedal like Yamaha FC3 or Roland DP10 into an expression IN of a keyboard? If the two kinds of pedals are electronically compatible with expression (not springed) pedals, I would expect to get expression (CC#11) continuous Midi signals when I press the pedal, so I could remap it with a software on sustain messages (CC#64) and control a vst like Pianoteq. Has anyone tried it? Thank you, sorry for my English, Massimo
  16. So my pedal started to malfunction. It doesn't work! To be more exact, it gives the sound as if the pedal is pressed when the cable is not connected, but when you connect the pedal cable, sustain ability does not work. Simply put, if i connect the pedal there is no sustain. If i disconnect the pedal there is full non-stop sustain. Is this setting issue, or is there something wrong with the keyboard itself? Should I get an A/S? Also, the tone of the piano is quite weird. I disabled the Auto Resume function, the tone is still quite funky. When I connect to a VSTi, the sound is fine as I'm using the sound within the sound installed in my program. I don't know what is wrong with the keyboard, I even bought a new sustain pedal today and realized after that the pedal wasn't the problem.
  17. Version Stage Setting


    This stage setting provides that awesome '70's feel wah pedal control via pedal 1 over the Crunch Electric Guitar tone. You can get your Isaac Hayes or Marvin Gaye emulation with this stage setting.