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Found 4 results

  1. Hello All, Can't find this in the manual but does the XW-G1 do time stretching or pitch modification so that i can play a real chord with my user samples? Regards, Frank
  2. set pitch of any sound

    Hi, is there a way to set the pitch of a tone? it seems the transpose parameters in tone settings only change the actual midi note sent, which does not pitch the sound. im looking for the effect of holding the pitch Wheel on maximum (without actually doing this), but adjusting so the keys are still on the right pitches. e.g. C is technically a raised Bb, F# is E etc... am i just missing something? Thanks
  3. Is there a parameter where I can adjust the amount of pitch bend applied? I'm looking for a synth bend like used by Vangelis in the opening title to Blade Runner. It's tricky to get that steady if I have to go the full sweep of the bender as the spring centering can mess that up, so I'd be looking to adjust the pitch bend amount to achieve that from the center stop with a slow drawdown to the bottom. I've read through the user guide, and poked through the available parameters, but perhaps just haven't run across the setting yet. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers, ~Dave
  4. Flat pitch on switch-on

    This has happened to me several times now, and wondering why? On switching my Casio Privia 330x on, it is not always at the correct pitch. As per the handbook (Casio obviously know this can happen!) usually switching off and back on again usually cures it. But this afternoon, it was fine first half of the afternoon: switched it off while at tea-break: came back and it was very flat. Switched on and off several times but still flat by at least a semi-tone - playing with others so this DID matter a bit! Searched the handbook and found how to do fine tune (transpose +1 made it go sharp!) Had to go up to +65 in fine tuning to get it back on pitch. (again, it seems they know this can happen!) Is this a voltage thing, or anything to do with using an extension lead to power supply, or what? Haven't tried it again since I got home!