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Found 7 results

  1. I want to overdub a track in my song sequence. How do I playback only one track? Thanks in advance
  2. PX-360 USB Playback

    Hi, When I was sold the PX360 I was told I could play full song recordings via the USB so I can play along and practice the keyboard part. I have gone through the manual and cant find instructions how to do this. Can anyone help?
  3. Hello, Im new in the comunity, I have used the search option but didnt found anything about. I have a new Casio CTK-5200 and Im using midi files, the question is if there is any way to play the midi files using the AHL source or Built-in Tones instead the GM-Tones?, I try SMF converter and it generates a .CM2 file, I put it in the keyboard via Data Manager or SD and still plays with GM-Tones, other question, in the product specs Casio says that this reference can play DSP user files but I didnt found any helpful information, Thanks.
  4. I am having problems playing back songs stored in the "Audio" file folder on my USB storage drive. Btw - I have Privia PX-850. First, here is what I did. I recorded 7 songs on the piano last night. After each recording I trasfered the song to the USB that was plugged into the piano and saved it under the folder 61, 62, etc. I then plugged the USB into my laptop and then transfered those files to my iTunes library to create an album for myself to put on my phone. I then copied those same files into the "Audio" folder on the USB drive that the piano automatically had already created when I formatted the USB drive. I resaved them as the manual states to "TAKE01.WAV" and so on with increasing to number 7 (as I had 7 songs). So all seven songs are correctly named in the "Audio" folder on the USB drive. I then plugged the USB drive into the piano and here is where my problem begins! First - it should be noted that in the manual there are two different directions for playing back songs on a USB drive from the Audio folder!!! I hate this manual so much btw! (and whoever decided to double piano keys as function keys just so there were less button on the display area was an idiot becuase it made everything confusing and more work!!!). Page E14 Option - this does not work. I put in the USB drive and press "audio recorder" and nothing happens. The manual states that the Song button lights should light - they do not! So I can go no further with this option. I cannot figure out what I am not doing. I have gone over this so many freaking times at this point I am about to throw this piano out the window! Using the option on page E-32 does not work either (storing the files in the MUSICLIB folder) - it will not play this way either. I hope someone has an answer for me!! Thank you so much in advance for anyone that can help! Scott
  5. Hi. I'm trying to play along with a song on a PX-350 from my music library from the USB stick. It is a proper 16-bit WAV file and I've tried putting it in the Play/A directory, I've tried putting it in the Audio directory name TAKE01.wav nothing works. The manual is very confusing and the forum discussions are also confusing. How, for example, are you supposed to playback from the AUDIO folder? How is the device supposed to find the files? J.
  6. Casio PX-850

    I have a Casio PX-850 that I recently purchased for my daughter. My question is; can you playback a list of MIDI files from USB. I can only seem to get it to play one at a time then I must manually select the next song. I would like to use the piano to play music, unmanned, continuously at parties. If not USB then can a list of songs be programmed to play automatically from an iPad as a controller? Thanks for any information you can provide.
  7. So I recorded myself playing my casio priva px5s and i go trough all the steps to play it back but its silent. I took the usb drive to my pc but the wave file plays back silent there too. My usb drive is formatted corectely i dont know whats wrong.