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Found 7 results

  1. questions: Is the "Solo Synth" in XW-PD1 editable?

    I yet own no XW-PD1, but I am interested because it takes way less space than an XW-G1 and has strongly dropped in price. But I read that PD1 is mainly a preset instrument, so I have some questions. - Can "solo synth" patches not be edited at all, or is this possible through PC software? (My CZ-230S is also preset based but can edit patches through midi.) - Can it load custom "solo synth" sounds made e.g. on XW-G1 or XW-P1? - Can it play the internal sounds through a keyboard when connected through USB-midi? - Do the drumpads really lack velocity? This is very uncommon with modern non-toy drum machines. - Does it contain internal wifi or bluetooth? To me this would be a definite exclusion criterium not to buy it, because these technologies emit brain destroying microwave radiation and I strictly boycott anything equipped with it.
  2. Hello there. So I've got a Casio CTK-5000 Portable Keyboard, and I noticed that when the Eb key on the 4th octave is pressed down, D; C; C#; B; Bb; A; Ab (on the 4th octave also) always play at the highest velocity (= 127) no matter how soft I press them, Even though I can't reach that velocity when pressing any key alone even if I wanted to (Max. = 100). What's wrong with that Eb Key? How do I prevent the mentioned keys from sounding really loud when the Eb Key is pressed down?
  3. Hello everyone! Have you guys experienced the same problem as I did? I just bought the PX-780 and I think everything on it is pretty impressive, except for one thing: When you play between forte and fortissimo, the volume of the sound steeps up considerably. (see attached graphic) This happens mainly with the main sound 001 Grand piano concert, but is also an issue with others such as modern piano, rock piano, etc. I found that it should be a software problem as the 004 Grand piano classical and 007 Grand piano dolce don't have this problem but... I don't like them too much as the sound is too mellow for my taste. NOTE: I tried changing the touch sensitive to 3 but the problem persists. I saw that another user at Amazon reviews has also noticed this problem, so it's not my imagination. Also, if I use the Privia piano as a MIDI controler and use a VST such as Pianoteq on my PC there is not such problem. What do you think? For me this is just not acceptable, I have played digital pianos for more than 20 years (Roland, mainly) and this was never an issue, so CASIO, I hope you are able to solve this problem soon via a software update or something like that. I have wrote to CASIO technical support but have no response yet after 3 days. tip to CASIO tech staff: maybe you forgot to normalize between several "layers" of samples when you build the virtual instrument. Please help me if you are able.
  4. I am hoping someone can help answer a question. I am playing in a worship band, and mostly playing Pad sounds on my PX5S. Since Pads should be an even sound level, I am wondering if there is a way to set the velocity of the keys to make the volume be almost the same regardless of how hard I hit the keys. I have noticed that when I get playing, and get to something like the chorus in a song, I tend to just play harder and the Pad sounds can start to get to loud and drown out the others, or maybe I play to soft in parts and the Pad sound disappears. It drives my sound person nuts, so I was wondering if I can set one of my stage settings to even out the sound for just this one state setting. I don't want to change it on the pianos or other sounds, just the pads and maybe strings. Thanks for your help. Jerry
  5. Velocity Issues with PX-330

    Hi everyone, I have had a px-330 for about 3 years now and I'm encountering a problem with the velocity on my keyboard. When I'm playing the keyboard, some of the keys suddenly play at the max 127 velocity, even though I'm not hitting it that hard. They key will continue to play at 127 velocity for several hits, even if I'm barely touching it. I've hooked it up to record MIDI, and it seems like the keyboard is sending out 2 pieces of velocity information when it has this problem, the actual velocity and the 127. I know this because 2 notes are actually recorded on the MIDI track from the 1 hit. I've called technical assistance, done a factory reset, changed velocity setting, basically done everything I can think of (short of taking it in for repair). Does anyone have any suggestions or have you encountered a similar problem? Thanks very much
  6. Hi all, Can't seem to find a proper answer to this question, however I apologize if it's a repeat… Ive built a stage setting with Zone 1 on the first 2 octaves set as a "Reed Organ" based sound, and the rest of the keys are a 2nd Zone which set to "Rock Piano". Wondering if I can disable the "touch" feature for Zone 1(the organ) so that velocity is irrelevant to the output level, however keep the touch feature enabled on the remaining "rock piano" keys, and if so how? It seems that I can only use the "Off, Normal, Light and Heavy" options for all the keys regardless of the Zone on the Data Editor. Any assistance would be appreciated , thanks! JMM
  7. Still playing . . . a) I was impressed with the power of the "Rock Piano" tone. And then I realized: . . . This tone has been compressed! It's very tough to get a "pp" sound out, it goes to "mf" or "f" with any reasonable velocity. I assumed that the keyboard velocity mapping was the same for all tones -- but it seems that it isn't. Some of the organ tones (e.g., GM Reed Organ) work similarly. They're not "velocity-insensitive", but the velocity-to-loudness map is very different from the piano sounds. . . . It would be nice if _I_ could specify that velocity map, as I can on my ancient Korg X5D ! Several of the "GrPno. . . " tones seem to be related to "GrPnoConcert": They're not just EQ'd differently -- . . . They have identical tone qualities (for a given pitch), but exhibit those qualities at different keyboard velocities. So it seems that the GrPnoConcert samples have been used to make them, but the velocity layering -- the choice of which _original sample_ is used for each keyboard velocity, and how loud it sounds -- has been changed. I suppose I'm trying to reverse-engineer the PX-350's sound generator by listening to it. Any comments are welcome . . . . Charles