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Car Wash (requested on FB)

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OK. Finally getting around to sharing some of my SSes. :)


The attached is Car Wash, which I mentioned (too long ago) on FB that I would upload to the Forum. There are various splits and features on this that I hope I cover:


  • Engaging Phrase will allow Pedal 2 to control on/off for hand-claps. They are programmed at the top end of the KB if you prefer the manual approach.
  • Bottom end of KB is straight piano for the low-end roll that occurs throughout the original song.
  • RH has a Hex Layer "orchestra" for the main orchestral hooks in the song. I use the upper octave of the hex layer to play string-y lead with some flute in it. Bottom octave of the hex layer has horns for fills, including bridge.
  • Between orchestra and piano, there's an EP Zone I use to play some chords to fill out the verses.


Sorry if any of this is not clear. Hopefully playing around with the SS helps understanding. Any feedback is welcome!



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