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I'm using a Casio CTK6300IN Keyboard. I have saved the registrations to the computer, by using Data Manager Software. (from keyboard's USB to computer, cause i don't know how to save the registrations to the Memory card directly from the keyboard.) And then I transferred these registrations

from my computer to the Memory card. Now... How do I load these registrations from the memory card onto my keyboard (CTK6300IN).

(The registration file is in ".RM7" file format) . Someone please help! 


(If possible please do also tell me a way to save the registrations to the Memory directly from the keyboard. And this  keyboard has the same Registration function as other CTK/WK Keyboards like CTK6200, CTK7200, WK 6600, WK7600 etc. I guess..)

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If you transfered the RM7 Registration Bank files to your SD Card with your computer, they have to be in the MUSICDAT folder on the Card, or the keyboard will not be able to find them.  Then, in Step 3 of the "Load" instructions on Page 104 of the manual, you have to press the C-8 (BANK) button before you perform Step 4.  The "Save" instructions are on Pages 102-103.  Again, in Step 3 on Page 102, be sure to Press the C-8 (BANK) button before you perform Step 4.  The RM7 files will be stored in the MUSICDAT folder.


Good luck!



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Thanks a lot it worked!! Actually I had tried this before but I made a silly mistake. I pressed the  Bank button and entered the FIRST REGISTRATION SLOT! (big mistake... As I only had to press the BANK button and shouldn't have entered the Registration Slot), and then I pressed the FUNCTION and CARD button together -- this did not work as it loaded the Midi files in the card. But when I pressed ONLY the BANK button, and then pressed the FUNCTION and CARD button together, it worked! 


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