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Default Tone on CTK-593

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I need help. I got this keyboard at a garage sale and it works fine for the most part. The only thing that bugs me is that it always opens up to Tone 096 (Flute) instead of 001 (Grand Piano). I've seen some others having similar issues on different models. Is there any solution for this?

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If you need a copy of the CTK-591/593 manual, you can download it from here:





Under the section titled "To play the keyboard" at the top of the left hand column of Page E-19 in the manual, see the note under item 4:

"The keyboard’s initial power on default setting is Song
Bank Mode. The tone that is initially assigned to the
keyboard is 096 FLUTE 1, which is the tone used by
Song Bank tune number 00


This is the default power-up mode of the keyboard.  It can not be changed.  However, the keyboard will maintain most of its critical settings and will power back up to those settings as long as it remains connected to commercial AC power, or is equipped with batteries to maintain those settings in its internal memory, but if it is disconnected from commercial AC power, with no batteries in the battery holder, then those settings will be lost, and it will power up to the default power-up mode.  In that case, just press the Piano Bank button, once it powers up, and select the tone that you want.  See Page E-16 of the manual.


Good luck, and enjoy that "593" !


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