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Lowering bass in P1 (lester K)/unproccesed organ sound

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I've been using the EHX Lester K rotary pedal recently, and although an excellent pedal, it has some faults. One of which is the fact that any note below Eb (middle) increases dramatically in volume (for some reason I've only seen this problem persist in the P1). Is there any way to lower the bass in the P1 so next time I go gigging the audience won't have to put up with the ground shaking beneath them?


Also, Is there a way to get an unproccessed drawbar organ sound e.g no extra effects such as chorus or gain? I think the Lester K adds some extra nonadjustable chorus - this could be intended, but it also could be something conflicting with the P1; either way this isn't necessarily a good thing. if there is a way to get an unprocessed sound on the drawbar organ of the P1 that would most likely fix all my problems.

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AFAIK the only control of the relative volume of notes over the pitch range for drawbar organ voices is by way of the master equalizer, accessible in the Effects menu and settings saved per Performance. You can use the bass shelving filter set to, say, 400 Hz or 800 Hz and of course negative gain. Maybe you'll be able to get the drop off in volume you need as the pitch lowers. Maybe. In any case this will only get you 12dB of cut. 


Getting rid of the DSP effect on a drawbar organ voice is easy. In Tone mode go into the tone edit menu and turn off the DSP. Save the tone to a user tone memory. 

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