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Connecting LK-300tv to iPad

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I'm trying to input notes into Garageband app on iPad using the LK-300tv.

The manual mentions General MIDI capability, and also about need to install drivers to connect to a computer.

So far, I have the Lightning-to-USB camera kit cable on the iPad, and plugged into the keyboard USB port.

Reading other posts, I configured the functions of local control to "off", and accompaniment output to "on".  However, the iPad throws an error saying the device is not supported.


Is there any hope this keyboard can be used with iPad?

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No!  The iPad and iPhone require "Class Compliant" MIDI devices that will work with the generic USB-MIDI driver that is built-in to the iOS operating system.  The LK-300TV is not "Class Compliant".  It will not even work with the "Class Compliant" generic drivers that are built-in to Windows and MAC-OS.  It requires a model specific after-market driver written by Casio.  Unlike Windows and MAC-OS, which can install after-market manufacturer and third-party drivers, the iOS operating system can not.  The iOS drivers are written as an integral part of the operating system - no "ad hoc" driver installs allowed.



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