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A complete newbie to this site, having only recently become owner of the PX-560. A bit of a panic today as no sound coming from the keyboard having plugged in a Roland EV-5 expression pedal (to the assignable jack) for the first time!

I unplugged the pedal - still no sound at all.

Minor desperation - switched off and on keyboard - still no sound.

More desperation - tried a return to ‘Factory Default Settings’ - still no joy.

Further desperation - plugged in headphones - don’t know why, just in the hope of perhaps hearing something that way. Yes! Unplugged headphones - keyboard sounding fine. So major panic over: but what have I done incorrectly?

I’m a complete novice when it comes to expression pedal use (I don’t even know what position is ‘up’ and ‘down’, and the Roland manual about five sentences doesn’t seem very clear.

If anyone can tell me what I did incorrectly or even better guide me through how I should set this up I’d be very grateful.

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Short answer: First you have to tell it you have an expression pedal plugged in (it defaults to a foot-switch). Then you have to assign the expression pedal a target parameter (or even  two). See the following video (hopefully it will begin at the correct time; otherwise start at 22m58s).


You'll notice Mike had some trouble calibrating his M-Audio pedal, which is compatible with Roland's EV-5. I had the EV-5 for a short time and IIRC I had the best results with the side knob at zero. I didn't have any problems with calibration.



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First time of using this forum and success! Thank you, AlenK, for directing me to the relevant video - sorted. Though I don’t know how or why the keyboard sound disappeared completely in the first instance.

Many thanks. :applause:

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