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Reginald H Mason

Connecting to Chrome

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I have a PX-560M (As well as a CGP-700) and cannot upload music to my Chrome Laptop. I have tried SD, and "Thumb Drives" and while the SD loaded, I cannot access or get the music to play. The manual says Mac and Windows will work- Soooo am I out of luck? I haven't been able to find any App's for Chrome that appear to solve the problem. I used the "Thumb Drive" taken directly from the 560,and a SD from a Tascam DP-008EX. I have not tried USB from either the piano or the Tascam, again the Tascam indicates that Mac or Windows is required. I have a Samsung/Verizon Galaxy S-7 smartphone, and it has both USB and Micro SD capability. I haven't tried it yet, but perhaps that is an option? Anyone, with any knowledge or comments would be appreciated. 

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Are you talking about audio files recorded from your keyboards? They should be wav files and I would think even Chrome should recognize those. The USB drives themselves are formatted as FAT32, so it might depend if Chrome OS can read that disk format.

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