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Lk-160 on windows 10?

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So today i just replaced the usb jack on my lk-160, since the pins on the original jack broke. I hope to run it on studio one or cubase. But on the windows device manager it keeps giving me this.. 


"Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems (Code 43) 


A request for the USB device descriptor failed." 


So it wont register in my programs.

I tried re installing drivers and all that and still nothing changes. Any suggestions? Does this lk-160 even work with win10?  


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The LK-160 is Class Compliant, meaning that it will work with the USB-MIDI driver that has been built-in to Windows since XP Service Pack 2.  You should not need to load any manufacturer specific (Casio) after-market driver.  If you did install an after-market driver before you connected the LK-160 to your computer, you should uninstall that driver and reboot the computer.  Then connect the LK-160 and see if the built-in driver will load.  The LK-160 should work with Win-10, but Win-10 USB-MIDI is a bit "iffy".  Most systems work, but some just don't.  The current general consensus is that this may be due to BIOS issues on the host computer.  Also, if you have a newer system with USB-2 and USB-3 ports, use a USB-2 port.  USB-MIDI does not get on well with USB-3.  If your setup will not work with the built-in Class Compliant driver and you want to try the Casio specific driver, then this is the one you should use:




The header on this webpage lists only Win-7 and Win-8, because this webpage was published before Win-10 was released.  Many here on this forum have had success getting this driver to work with Win-10, but most of those were with the non-Class Compliant models, so no guarantees.  The LK-160 is not shown in the Supported Models list, because it is assumed to work with the built-in Class Compliant driver.  I have a Vista-64 and two Win-7 64 bit systems all running both the Class Compliant and non-Class Compliant drivers side-by-side.  When I connect a Class Compliant board, it uses the Class Compliant driver, and when I connect a non-Class Compliant board, it uses the specific after-market driver for that particular board, so my concern, at this point, is that, if the LK-160 will not work with the built-in Class Complaint driver on your system (even though it should), there is every likelihood that it will not work with this driver either.


Good luck !



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yea it didn't work, unfortunately. thank you though very much. its weird, when i turn on the keyboard, the icon flashes for a brief second on the windows task bar, but than nothing. looks like i will just have to invest in an m-audio board. 

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