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Privia Px-860 No Sound From Headphones, Only Speakers

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Hi, Yesterday finally arrived my new Privia PX-860WE.

Everything is ok (i like the sound and the keyboard...) except the two headphone outputs.

The sound comes out of the speakers but not from the headphones output (I tried different models, I did a factory reset but nothing..).

When I plug in the headphones, the sound correctly doesn't come out of the speakers, but not out of the headphones! The red light next to it is on.

For me it is fundamental because I can only play late in the evening :(


Is there a way to solve the problem? (Has someone else had the same problem?)

Please help me.



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This might help: 

i suggest to disconnect power before attempting to do this and wait a few hours before plugging in again.  I suggest also to disconnect all other plugs from the keyboard, i.e. external speakers, and try different headphones and earplugs; you might find that earplugs with lower impedance might give you some sound and hints about the origin of the problem.  Have you tried to connect your headphones to the Line Out on the back of the keyboard? Are you using a converter, i.e. from 2.5mm to 1/4? If you do, test in a different equipment to see if it has an issue.  

I hope you can fix your problem.



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