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Solo Synth ADSR settings question

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I've had my XW-P1 for a short time now and have started to create some solo synth sounds.  I've made a simple detuned sawtooth patch using two oscillators to recreate a classic "mono-synth" sound.


I've increased the attack time on both oscillators to take the edge off, preferring something that ramps up quickly rather than instantly playing at full volume.  Occasionally, a note will play with a hard attack when played quickly.  Is there a way to stop this from happening?


Should the attack time on both oscillators be identical?  I've set the attack time on both oscillators using one of the knobs.  I also want to try and have a ADSR-controlled filter sweep while the sound is held but wanted to get the first problem solved.


Just curious and any information would be greatly appreciated.






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I am not sure if this will address your problem, but maybe the legato settings for the two layers are different?  The default solo synth patch has it set On for layer one, but Off for the other layers.  The legato setting is found on page 2 of OSC Block. 


It might explain the difference in how the amp envelopes are behaving, as one layer has it's envelope retriggering with each keystroke while the other does not (when playing legato at least.)  


Of course, that doesn't really have anything to do with playing notes quickly, but, it is my first guess off the top of my head.  :)  You could have the attack time shorten with harder keystrokes by using the Virtual Controller section, so you could also check to see if something is set there.


Good luck!

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The suggestion about turning Legato off didn't really work. Rather than bang my head against the wall, I decided to start with the Lucky Man sound. I turned off the third and fourth oscillators and just used the first two detuned oscillators to create my Moog emulation. This approach works well as I can now just swap out various waveforms to make whatever classic Moog-like patch I'd like.

Thanks for the help!

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