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vocal recording from microphone

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When I first purchased the keyboard, I was able to record vocals connecting the microphone via the T8 connection. Now all that records is the instrumental.


I have tried reconnecting the mike like the manuals says to no avail. I have also reset to the default settings -- no such luck.


Can anyone help. Can't figure out why it would work at first and now doesn't.

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Put a Mike into the Mike input, turn up the Mike Vol knob to full,

press the Audio Rec button  until it blinks and then press the START button so the REC lights stays lit and then sing !

There will be a wave file created on the SD card, so you need to insert a SD-card that must be formated

in the keyboard. The SD card must be at least a 2 GB card, or maximum 32 GB, only SD and SDHC, no


After you have recorded the keybord goes into Audio Playback mode, where it only

plays this WAV file from the SD-card.

YOu can then still play along with the keyboard tone to your singing, but can NOT use the sequencer

to compose a song with it..


So to record a complete song with a solo vocal line you would first make your song complete via the

internal song sequencer and then sing along the playback of the sequencer and record all of this

to the SD-card....

Just see the SD card like a tape recorder, it can only record ONE  stereo track, so you can only record the

output of your sequencer to it and only sing along to it and record this all in ONE step as the final recording, so to say...


It is not possible to recorded several audio tracks and layer them together...too bad...


Hope this helps...

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