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Guest Tawasgary

WK 3700 downloads and midi

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Guest Tawasgary

Hi All! I now play a wk 3700 I started with the wk1700! Totally love my 3700. I play at retirement homes etc. I use a Peavey KB 60 amp! Question is how can I make my own rhynms and acents at the end of bars and save them to use on alot of different songs> I now downdoad from the managrement site but would like to expand on that. Anything on utube or can someone help me thru this. I have had my 3700 for 5-6 years now but the instruction manuel is like way over my head for this old guy or just hard to follow! Thanks


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Naaah...There's not much out there (as far as I know) that you can use to make your own sounds and rhythms. I experimented with a proggie called "stytockf", which converts Yamaha styles to ckf format.

I think the brilliant guy that made the proggie gave up along the way, as there were no later versions available. Still, I managed to convert a few acceptable styles - frustrating as the work was - and it's not really something I'd recommend to others, unless you're a whizz at that sort of thing and have plenty of spare time on your hands. Likewise, I stopped making new styles along the way.......

But you can still pick it up on the internet - quite free, too - and try it out yourself.

If ya make some good sounds, then send them on, huh? :D


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