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Found 2 results

  1. As we learned playing slash chords e. g. C/G, i realised the CTX (5000) is playing it on fingerd1/2 but not showing off in the display, were C 5 appears. Why is that? (The competition brand does it!) As written on page A2/ A3 in the manual... these chord types are detected too.....
  2. Hello all! Okay - I'll admit that I never thought I would buy a Casio but my 70 pound vintage Alesis 88 qs8 died during the holidays. (yes I have newer synths too) It was an opportunity to buy something lighter (and in a good price range) but also I liked the possibilities of an auto arranger. Sooooooooo - here is the big question - Is it possible to save an auto accompaniment that I've chosen (in this case - FoxTrot rhythm, Tone-Piano007, tempo 96) to a preset. I would like to be on a duo gig and simply press one button for this one song. I found the pages that talk about "registrations". I've never heard that term before. I have heard "user banks" "User files" - anyway - when I try to save to a bank, it saves a "Music Preset". I just want to save the auto accompaniment configuration. Someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong. Also - in regards to the Music Presets, if I were to use these, how do would I change the key? I realize the chord progressions are fixed but when I was playing around with them, I couldn't find a way to do that. Thank you! Melissa
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