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Found 6 results

  1. Hello folks, This could be a silly question for many of us but yes I am not able to connect my CTX9000IN with my laptop to record using Audacity. I tried searching on internet and youtube but did not find any solution. Can somebody explain which keyboard ports i should connect to. Also my Laptop has only one audio port for input and output. Please explain if there is any sound settings i need to set up on laptop and computer. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello, I am not a professional pianist but I would like to record my pieces. In many cases meanwhile i do recording i could press wrong key and as the result I need to press "record" button to save the file in USB and then delete it and start a new record. Is there any way to cancel recording without first saving into USB? Thx
  3. Hi there. I don't think I saw this question posted before. Say I use the external audio input to listen to a metronome while playing. Is there a way to record audio without recording that metronome sound? that is, to record only what I'm playing without recording the external audio I'm listening to? I saw some other posts about alternatives to metronomes, but they didn't quite addressed this. Greetings!
  4. Hello again, lat time I asked here I got my answer and I am hoping for the same second time I searched whole Privia section and unfortunaltely found no answer, the same with manual. I am often making my music by recording some MIDI stuff, importing it to my DAW program, edit and then put it back to Privia, to choose some tones and dig a bit in tempos and balances. Then I put my USB in and just record it as and .wav file (audio recording) to later use it as a demo for vocals, and here the problem is: Do I have any control upon VOLUME of the audio recording to the USB drive? Since main volume wheel doesn't make any difference. And usually the audio is a bit too low in volume, I have to enhance it digitally in my DAW which is of course costing me some quality. Any help here?
  5. i have my mixer levels set to the loudest settings...but... after i AUDIO record and upload to the internet it sounds quiet as a mouse??? on the publishing clearing house site they can get very loud music with no distortion? how do i do that? i've tried amplifying in audacity but i get clipping and distortion ANY TIPS FOR THIS NEWBIE????? for maximum loudness least distortion audio recordings???? what are the tricks that advertisers like PCH seem to know? THANKS, ALAN my album "Indigo: Alan LaBudde plays the Privia 560" is on amazon and spotify and is a case in point.... please help
  6. Well I finally tried to record vocals onto the memory stick I think it worked The bad news is it didn't make me sound like a good singer but that is what I sound like singing "Moon River" mike into mixer mixer into piano and record PS put headphones in PX-5s (not in the mixer) moon.mp3
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