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Found 2 results

  1. questions about registering a set up in the banks. 1. How do I set up the volume of keyboard vis-a-vis the auto accompaniment. I want the keyboard to play slightly louder than the auto accompaniment. 2. Can I change the instrument in the auto accompaniment, for example guitar chords instead of piano chords?
  2. Just getting used to my PX350 and yes, the reviews are right - it's great value, it sounds good, it's half the weight of my Yamaha, it's got some nice features like line input, etc - BUT Is it me, or does the auto accompaniment has a major flaw ? I play lounge jazz/vocal using a (Yamaha) digital piano and a GEM accompaniment module which I strip back so that it only plays acoustic bass. Lets be honest, auto accompaniment generally is a bit tacky and awful so I never bothered with it until I realised that with just auto accompaniment acoustic bass and a hint of percussion the effect is really subtle, makes a huge difference to the sound and is a pleasure to play. My plan was to change to a PX350, which has auto accompaniment built in AND a line input for my mike, and simplify my whole setup - great, EXCEPT Why on Earth does the PX350 play a new bass note the moment it detects a change in the current chord, even if a bass note is not due?? Can anyone help me with this because it's a total deal-breaker. EG. if I set a pattern of say, 2 bass notes per bar at a slow tempo of say 50 BPM and hold a CMaj anywhere on the keyboard, the PX350 plays a C note and then a G note exactly when they are due. But if I change the chord at all, even from Maj to Minor, the PX350 triggers a new bass note instantly whether one is due or not, COMPLETELY RUINING THE RHYTHM. You wouldn't do that with say, the snare drum, it would be a musical disaster, so why do it with the bass?? Casio PX350M, Jazz style rhythm (modified by me to play bass and percussion channels only), auto accompaniment, chord detection mode set to full range. Someone please tell me that it's not going straight onto eBay.
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